DarkCitizen & The Undead Hip Hop

DarkCitizen & The Undead Hip Hop

 New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA
BandHip HopSoul

Darkcitizen and the Undead Hip Hop is an experiment in post modern hip hop. The only way to experience it is Live.


Darkcitizen are brothers Vatic (Emcee) and Robert Miller (Producer/Vokushinist/Hypeman) Darkcitizen are immersed in a post modern hip hop experiment. Production is heavy influenced by giants of compositions including Philip glass and J Dilla. Lyrical influences range from literature to pop culture.

The Undead Hip Hop is the live incarnation of the Darkcitizen project. Daniel Yancey (Drums) and Lara (Fender Rhodes/ Vocal) Caveman(Bass) Dr.Z (Guitar)