DC Watts

DC Watts


Indie rock exiles turned electrosoul expats. '60s & '70s soul meets '80s R&B meets '90s electronica to create adventurous and un-ironic pop music for the '00s.


DC Watts had its genesis in Brooklyn, New York in 2006 when singer/songwriter Chris Lee and David Nagler, founder of eclectic pop/rock outfit Nova Social, got together to write songs. The two always shared an affinity for soul and R&B, which is particularly evident in Lee's three critically-acclaimed solo records on Misra and Smells Like Records.

After a few sessions spent raving over artists from the '70s (Leon Ware), the '80s (Sade) and the new millenium (Steve Spacek), the two were inspired to start writing the material that would spark their new project.

Based on Nagler's demos created with Logic Audio along with Lee's drum programming, the two began developing material in the organic style of Roxy Music's classic Avalon record: barebones musical tracks combined with vocal improvisations. This songwriting process resulted in their initial three songs, "Breakin' My Heart," "Under My Sun," and "New Thang 5."

Comparisons have been made to the blue-eyed soul of Hall and Oates, the retro-meets-electro of Brits Amy Winehouse and Jamie Lidell, or even the angular indie of Modest Mouse. Work on a full-length should commence by late 2007 after which point the music of DC Watts will inevitably become a touchstone for others.


Current 3-song demo: "Breakin' My Heart," "Under My Sun," and "New Thang 5"

Set List

30 minutes, 7 songs (6 originals, 1 cover)