Stratford, Connecticut, USA
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Raptivism, progressive hip hop, grassroots underground hip hop- call it whatever you want but we're bringing it back to the people- one show at a time. Bringing that Enter the Cypher energy back in 2017!


Can a hip-hop group be legendary, and make an impact, without having released an album in nearly a decade? For Connecticut-based duo d_Cyphernauts, the answer is a resounding yes.

The last time anyone heard a new, full length, recorded effort from the d_Cyphernauts twosome of Othello (aka Dave Wooley), and Nemesis Alpha (aka Joe Celcis), was in 2008, when they released Got Your War. 

From 2005 to 2012 d_Cyphernauts ran Enter The Cypher, the longest running hip-hop showcase in Connecticut history. 

Both teach at Westhill High School which was also the scene of the annual Hip-Hop Summit d_Cyphernauts put together from 2007-2009 – which educated young people on the history of hip-hop, and the basics of the five elements – and where the duo now teach a class on hip-hop titled Beats, Rhymes, and Life.

Even with all of these impressive accomplishments, d_Cyphernauts have dealt with more than their fair share of major adversities. 

Not only did they lose an entire album they’d spent 2008-2010 recording, due to a producer’s hard drive being erased, Nemesis Alpha experienced health issues. While dealing with TBI induced migraine headaches, a fall down a flight of stairs in the spring of 2015, followed by a stroke that winter, put music on hold for Nemesis Alpha. Othello remembers, “We basically went a year, to 18 months, without recording. The project was in limbo.”

Now that project, which will be a self-titled effort, is nearly ready to be released.

Keeping things in the family, the album was produced entirely by Ivory Snow, a former student of Othello and Nemesis Alpha, who graduated from Westhill High School in 2008. Othello says of Ivory Snow’s contributions, “He's really gone beyond the producer role on the album. It's, by far, the closest that we've ever worked with anyone, and the most trust that we've ever put in anyone that we've worked with.”



Written By: J. Celcis,J. Martinez,D. Wooley, D. Wooley

Nemesis' verse:

Savage middle-passage,
cotton-field soil,
dregs of the species,
claim to be royal.
Genocidal profits,
melanin sales,
humanity smuggled,
under white ship sails.
They're looking at my form,
with monetary plans.
How many ways,
can we sell a black man?
The hot commodity.
Mandingo oddity.
Emasculated product of a tragic odyssey.
They change my history,
and give my hair a perm.
While rapping my sisters,
they neutralize my sperm.
They teach the devil's lessons,
and give me fluency.
As they pay for my opression,
I've become the currency.

Manifest Destiny
Divine Right of Kings
Trail of tears sorrow
Spiritual Sing
Swing sweet chariot, give us wings
Slavery and Currency-
One in the same thing

Snare's verse:

-Yo- Throughout history, the existence of misery
Exudes explanation while the faithful epiphany
They scorn the weak until we speak tongues
Now prostrate the ground and God bless the sun
You of all should be able to see- head or floor
I'm the one that stripped and shipped ashore
A great land built upon the sand of hate
Killed at the hands of a christian with a mission
Division of a race painfully dissected from their land
Red face painted in full disgrace
With a bad taste in mouth unable to shout their war cries -Yo-


Othello's verse:

Look back in time at martyrs and prophets-
Peers of profiteers who took their work and mocked it-
Used their deeds as seeds to bleed humanity- man stop it-
You left blood on the dance floor expectin' me to mop it-
Spreadin' hate hiding behind hoods and robes-
It ain't just the KKK- let's decloak the Pope-
The Pope is a pimp, he oughtta walk with a limp-
Low ride in a Caddy while he's rockin' a mink-
Think about the church in it's colonial role-
And tell me the Pope ain't put Jesus on a stroll-
Please believe in my God, He's goona save your soul-
Never mind the slaughtered slaves, stolen land and lost gold!


Written By: J. Celcis,J. Martinez,D. Wooley, D. Wooley

Othello's verse:

There's ghosts in the abyss
A presence in our midst
A feeling like a fist in the pit of your stomach when it hits
A legacy left, eyes unseen
Focused on the nape of my neck from the vast in between
They're the footsteps in the dark at night
When you're alone and scared
Turn to look and realize there is no one there
It's the creeping feeling revealing itself
When you're alone by yourself-
Shake it off as exhausted, but question your mental health
The ghost's whispering, I'm listening
Questioning about the direction I'm in, the place best to begin
I'm not letting it lie, letting it slide-
Searching for guidance to try and focus the eye in I
From the spirit of my pops- I hear the jewels that you drop
Obeying the legacy of Emmitt Till
Revealing truth 'til you're healed and your spirit can rest still-


I got questions. Questions?
Confessions, suggestions, the message, the lessons, directions they sent us.
The truth that's been pent up.
The art that's been spent up.
The stage that torments us and calls us to step up and rise up and rep us before they forget us...
Rise up with us. Stand up, get up!

Nemesis' verse:

Backdraft, flame spew, crisp charred sinew,
black tongue voodoo spoke words few knew.
Untruth told you, reality was in T.V.,
and technically the fantasy made you believe stupidity
Deformity of history brought fallacy formality.
Polarity of dialect spoke sweetly schizophrenically.
All that matters are hooks about hookers and crooks,
by writers and artists who get headaches from reading books.
I eat lines, between lines, in palm lines, to feed rhymes,
with deep lines, from great minds, who wrote lines, in past times.
Now I shine, and refine, and define, the main lines.
Insane lines on pages of notebooks with blown spines.
I find lines, invent lines, all my lines, HA!
Keeping eyes on the headlines to survive on the frontlines.
While my pain is contained between verse and refrain,
in most brains only rhythms and beats will remain.
I've got questions.


Snare's Verse:

The four horsemen came.
And without a second thought proceeded to pick the 5th element in my brain.
From the land of the tombs I plotted the moons and stars beyond reach, were hands speaking each a song.
Independently, but both anticipating the harmony.
An affection like souls connected.
Bisected lines.
Planets react.
Nine expected to shine to cut time to the air between the now and never.
Stare at the sky wounded by weather one cares if its fire or hail.
The same fate prevails the poor and the pinnacle of democratic.
Lifestyles derived from bad habits.
Love misdirected in a child, unaffected by smiles and the fact that his life was unexpected.
I regret that the scales fall in favor of the heart as the echoing sounds of the horses depart.



(2017) d_Cyphernauts self-titled LP.

(2008) Our second EP is entitled "Got Your War".

(2007) The song "Got Your War" is featured on the "REFUSE" album released through RIOTFOLK music.

(2007) The song "Got Your War" is featured on the "A Line in the Sand" compilation CD, proceeds of which benefit the Iraq Veterans Against the War".

(2005) The song "Questions" is featured on the album "SorryEverybody" released through KAB/Sony music.

(2004) The d_Cyphernauts debut CD is entitled "Questions".