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"March 27, 2007 - Hip Hop Artist D’Cyple Explodes on the Scene with New CD at Sunset Urban!"

Hip Hop Artist D’Cyple set to release the For My People CD on Sunset Urban Records - New music focuses on life issues touching people of all genders and sexes.


It’s been a while since hearing from the amazing hiphop artist, D'Cyple, and from the sound of the new CD, he’s ready to take the world by storm. He is now with Sunset Urban Records [www.SunsetUrban.com], with a new CD that boasts many singles being worked to radio. This up and coming artist is a native of Wisconsin, D’Cyple began his career at a very young age playing various musical instruments. He learned how to play guitar, horns, keyboards, and the drums, and that talent is very evident on his new CD. D’Cyple’s first two CDs were also picked up by Sunset Records and Sunset Urban.

“I’ve been planning and preparing for this release for a long time,” says D’Cyple in answer to what he’s been doing since No One Knows, his last CD release came out a few years ago. "And, since hanging out with good friend Ronald Bullock (Head of A&R at Sunset Urban), knowing that I have people behind my music is all I can ask for in life,” he adds. “I’ve been trying to do all of the necessary personal things that can help me maintain an existence in music industry,” he says from his home.
After rhyming over great beats on his first two CDs, D’Cyple decided to take it to the next level on this new release. The CD has brought together a diverse group of old-school and new sounding artists, coupled with a grooving rap that can cross over to top 40. This CD is pure hip-hop with some jazz influences. In fact, Jazz purists would say the overall grooves head deeply toward the funkier 1970s era of jazz, and hardcore hip-hop heads will be turned on by the overall musical attitude. This is one of the best extensions of a jazz sound with hardcore hip-hop rap that grooves at times and has great orchestration.
The first single being worked to urban radio stations all over the world is “My Life” with another no doubt to be hit song, “Don’t Wanna be” as the second single. Other songs being set up for radio promotion are “A Hustler” along with “Home” and “Why I’m Here.” The For My People full length CD is a montage from the first song and down to the 17th song on the CD. Not only with the brand new CD be available at Target retail stores and online at Amazon, but Sunset Urban has also “picked up” the first two D’Cyple CDs, Tha Album and No One Knows. They will be made available at all retail stores on April 1st.
Despite the deal with Sunset this year, D'Cyple's first two CDs were only released and available on the internet as a download. “It’s not that it was a failure to work my music on my own, but this opportunity that Don Lichterman and Ronal Bullock have given me is the greatest of my life,” he states. “People from this area (Wisconsin) know who I am as an artist, but that is all that currently makes up my fan base. This opportunity to have my music heard on the radio and to have my CDs available in stores is all I asked for as an artist.”

“I’m an emcee. I love to rap. There is an obvious message in the words in my music. My intention has always been to express myself and address issues that affect everyone regardless of race and sex,” states D’Cyple about his career. “I have seventeen new songs that I am releasing with Sunset, and they can be found on the labels artist page even today (http://www.sunseturban.com/artist/Dcyple.htm).” One of his new singles ‘My Life’ is being looked at by film companies and advertising companies for licensing. “There are obvious hit songs” says Don Lichterman, head of the Sunset Group of entertainment companies and Sunset Holding, Co. “And, we will work this right at the urban format although I will be prepared to cross this over to mainstream pop radio at the drop of a dime,” says Lichterman

“I love working with Ronald (Bullock) and being in his hands at the label. I trust him. He hasn’t led me wrong in the wrong direction yet,” states D’Cyple on the state of his music career. “I will continue to do what I’ve been doing because every CD we make gets better and better, and I don’t see my life as anything but have a huge success with Ronald and Don (Lichterman) leading the charge.” D’cyple’s CD will be previewed at the very special Live Concert Showcase presented by Bullock and Sunset Urban Records on April 6th in Brooklyn, NY. That showcase will not only feature a special listening of the new songs on D’Cyple’s For My People CD, but additionally, the showcase will feature live performances by Paula Perry, Captain Crunk, Kingsbridge Dee, Blackwell, Lil Dynomite, the Rican Rebelz with special guest host, Knowledge.
- Billboard Media Wire


D'Cyple-Tha Album
D'Cyple-No One Knows
D'Cyple-For My People



D’Cyple, from Wisconsin has emerged as one of the most intense MCs hip hop has heard to date. With comparisons to Tupac Shakur, D’Cyple has incredible songs that show his true emotion by featuring deep lyrics.  Yet his lyrics are also very accessible and relatable. A true underground veteran, his first 2 albums, "Tha Album" & "No One Knows" are available in stores all over the world. His latest CD "For My People” will be in stores on May 6...