dd dagger

dd dagger

 Austin, Texas, USA

DD Dagger is theatrical, fun, moody and artistic. An artist that doesn't follow the trends, but does keep up with them. Cat Power meets PJ Harvey.

Smooth sounds, horn sections, loud guitars, effects, rockin' tunes and Billy Holiday- style vocal tension.


DD Dagger AKA Allyson Lipkin is a musician's musician and songwriter. She writes songs that are poppy and melodic but carry lyrical meaning and are effectual. Her style is simple, melodic, and catchy with a dark undertone.

Wrote Rob Patterson of Texas Music Magazine, "[Dagger]...pulls in indie rock, punk, ambient, electronica and much more on a lo-fi set that remains full-blooded and brims with talent and charm."

Laurie Gallardo of KUT.org writes, "Lipkin goes by the moniker DD Dagger, and with it comes a sophisticated, inventive persona. A DD Dagger production isnt simply the gig at the bar down the street. You walk into an atmosphere thats artfully lo-fi, very distinguishable; a mix of theater, dance, sound and spectacle."

Dagger is a character. Under that moniker Lipkin is able to transform herself on stage. Maybe she's singing, playing bari sax, guitar or dancing with her dancers. The stage gives is a place to make things up on the spot, NOT be herself! It is a transformation.

Austin Fusion Magazine writes about Daggers latest record, "Radixxx is a far departure from the first albums garage rock, Kinks-esque, format. Opting for more of a 60s jazz and pop feel, Dagger croons on her own musings about love, loss, temptation, and regret with a voice that stays on the edge breaking under the weight of it all."

...And Dagger LOVES company! Collaborating with great local, regional, and international talent is what drives the creative force. For that reason Dagger has a long roster of bands, songwriters, and producers that she is constantly working with.

Notable recent events for Dagger include: 

-A tour to Brazil with her big band, Summer 2015 - Rio and Sao Paulo. 
-New record featuring a ton of local Austinites with local engineer Jeff Luna - due Winter 2015
-A collaboration with Brooklyn based producer Raindogg - delivering 6 amazing singles- with A with a ton of personality entitled "Erodica" - Fall 2014. 
-A tour to Spain and Portugal with band, Summer 2012. A new release "Radixxx" in March of 2012 with local Austinites Mike McCarthy producing the lead track and singing duets with Hilary York and Nic Armstrong.

DD's Saxophone (bari and alto) featured on many great talented recordings and live performances: Ramsay Midwood, A Giant Dog & John Wesley Coleman's new album. And on stage with: Minor Mishap Marching Band, David Garza, Nic Armstrong, Suzanna Choffel, and Kat Edmonson.


Untitled - Winter 2016
Erodica 2015
Radixxx 2012
Femmie Auteur, 2009
Aspirins and Band-aids, 2007

Tracks are on Itunes, Myspace, Last.fm, Pandora.com, and Amazon, and Soma.

Full tracks available for listing and download on dddagger.com, Amazon, Last.fm and Itunes, spotify and I heart Radio. 

Set List

Sets are usually between 8-10 songs long, or 45 minutes. Sometimes with visuals and dancers. Theater is usually incorporated via props and dance. DD currently sports a full horn section with a sousaphone for bass.