D Day

D Day


New York City's D Day is on a mission to blaze new trails for heavy music.


"No sun today outside my window, only black trickling down on these crippled trees. Burning today outside my window, ashes smother everything I'd ever dreamed." -Excerpt from the song Window.

D Day's Debut is a perfectly blended cocktail of strict musical precision and uncompromising raw emotion. Songs echo the devastation caused by abuse, neglect, addiction and dysfunction. Unlike most bands in their genre, D Day's lyrical horror stories shine through with tiny glimpses of hope and messages about overcoming adversity. Their Debut Demo constructs fierce musical compositions that clobber the spirit with a wide array of complex bass licks, brooding beats, atmospheric textures and lunging guitars that compliment the emotionally revealing lyrics which range from breathy and beautiful to scathing and aggressive. And the best news of all is they are just getting started.


Debut Demo Currently In Post Production

Set List

One set list: 40 Minutes