Heavy metal infused with classical with elements of alternative rock.


t all started when I was 7 years old. A young but ambitious child with the world at his fingertips, not knowing what lay ahead of him in this world filled with life, color, but most importantly music. It was the song Nothing Else Matters that changed my life. A home video protests the affect it had on me, watching a 7 year old at a wedding rock out is quite a treat. Not knowing that that very day would change my life forever. Music has been and always will be a part of me. Playing concerts, jamming out with friends, or just playing on my own. Music speaks to me in a way that no other language could. My first experience was with a broken up acoustic guitar, not knowing exactly how to hold it, it was as if it was my own child. I grew up with this guitar playing it for years, learning the basics. Soon after another guitar came into picture and at that point is was apparent that I would be playing music for the rest of my life. Guitar has been and always will be my favorite instrument. But as soon as I was ready to take the guitar to the next level another instrument came into play, that being the drums. It’s every kid’s dream to own a drum set, but unfortunately I didn’t get to own one until I was old enough to go out and get it myself. Till then I played the drums with a good friend of mine, and I still do to this day. After learning how to play drums I went ahead and learned another instrument. With influences from Metallica to Pearl Jam to Soundgarden. I've grown as a musician and a person.


I Told You

Written By: David Da Costa

Saw you get it on
Brought you here along
The fight to see
This side of me

Brought the gift of dreams
Brought the fight it seems
The fight to see
Wont you stay

I'll take you there
This I solely swear
Silently, Silently
Hold On....

Im what you will find
What you left behind
This side of me , side of me
Hold Tight.....

Thought you could get away
Left coherently,
Silently, Silently.

Took the road of dreams
Things we cant redeem
The soul in me
Won't you stay...


Seneca IMP Demo
''I Told You'' Single
Seneca IMP 11 CD

Set List

Usually a 5-6 song set with one or two covers. They include:
One - Metallica
Enter Sandman- Metallica
Mr Crowley- Ozzy Osbourne
Spoonman- SoundGarden


I Told You
No Place To Go
Burden Hand
Begins To Turn
To Oneness