Lo-fi Alt Pop that's like nothing you've heard before. Violent, Minimalist and catchy.


ddd - aka 25-year-old Darryl Woollaston-, a British-Algerian oddity, who split his young life moving back and forth between London UK, and Dijon France. Fiercely Autocratic musically, Darryl has been writing music his entire life, but it was when he isolated himself and decided to plough his own furrow that his inimitable style came to the fore.

Blessed/Cursed with a meticulousness that makes Kevin Shields look like Bill Callaghan from Smog, ddd has been perfecting and rejecting tracks for the past year. Releasing his debut single on his own new London-based independant label 'One Hundred Records' in May 2005, the ensuing response has been nothing short of overwhelming, gaining the approval and support of the independent British press and public alike, as well as many figures in the British Industry, including the kind folk at playlouder.com & Rough Trade among many others.

Debut single "Can't explain/Hard to talk to" was released in May 2005 and is a two-and-a-half minute stab of Lo-Fi Alt Pop grandiosity, marrying simplistic stabbing chords with and emphatic, catchy, repetitive melody, and distressed, violent vocal delivery setting it apart from anything you've heard before.

Press, quotes, songs and info are all available from www.onehundredrecords.co.uk


ddd - can't explain/had to talk to (Debut single released 05/05/05 on independent label 'One Hundred Records'
distributed in the Uk by Rough Trade)


Set List

6-8 songs, played on guitar and sung by ddd, backed up by beats.