D.D.L. Roundhouse

D.D.L. Roundhouse

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

DDL's music shows each of our true love of music in every song. When creating each song we don't follow the current climate of music and what we think is "hot" but instead try to create something that is original and moves each member of the band in its own way.


DDL Roundhouse is an 9 person Los Angeles-based hip hop live band whose music conveys each of its individuals’ personalities and passions, invoking many musical stylings such as hip hop, rock, blues, funk and jazz. Its combination of multiple genres to form its own blend of music is evident in every song. Each track is the band’s appreciation for what has come before them, as well as a mark of its own originality.

DDL Roundhouse has one goal: to share with the rest of the world their own brand of the one universal language - music. Whether playing for a crowd of 1 or 1,000, or even in a studio to cater to the masses listening in their cars or iPods, DDL Roundhouse hopes that every note played and every word said or sung will leave a lasting impression on its listeners.


Connect - LP
DDL Roundhouse - EP

"Martini" from the EP and "Just Like This" & "Why You Waking Me Up" from the LP have received considerable airply on college radio (KUCI, KUCLA) and various internet radio stations. We also have our music played by many dj's in the LA area in bars and clubs.

Set List

Approximately 10 songs per show for a 1 hour set length.

We typically do 1 cover per show that. We have also done cover medley's too.