we play new music that is interesting. things tend to be just a little out of the ordinary. we are loud and sing our hearts out together. We like to raise questions. We are realistic. We are fantasy. We are motivated. We make everything ourselves.

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18/10/2004 - split 3" cd with panserbjorne.
six songs from each band including our set, "the real world s so unreal". 18 minutes total.
limited to 150 handmade. out of print.
released by the culture industry.

08/12/2005 - the Blue Screen Of Death/journey to and escape from the fortress of the fluffy love cloud.
25 songs including 8 song set, "the Blue Screen of Death" 58 total minutes.
500 handmade copies
released by we are busy bodies.

Set List

we have two sets of music written. the first one is 12 minutes and the second is 15. usually, we play a selesction of both sets and play one or two unrecorded songs. we usually do one set, and it can be from 15 to 25 minutes.