Jamaica, New York, USA
BandHip HopPop

if i could describe my music i would have to say I bring that real hip-hop, music with a meaning. i got a story to tell. I wont stop till my music is in every ear like ear waxxx... ya dig


Born in the land where hip-hop was first originated, Darryl "D.GIFT" Ghent Has Achieved much at a young age. He began studying hip-hop at the age of twelve and started using those tools he learned at the age of fourteen. Writing rhymes and rapping soon became his passion, whether it was in a cypher or in a battle, hip-hop engulfed "D.GiFT". Destined to set himself apart from the rest, "D.GiFT" never hesitated to take risk with his music. While in pursuit of his music journey "D.GIFT" was able to land a job at none other than the multi-platinum selling record label, THE INC. While using the label's recording studio, many were impressed with his talent, especially the face of THE INC "JA RULE".From that moment on his dreams became a reality. "D.GIFT" received the shock of his life when "JA RULE" took him on tour overseas. On his birthday Dec 16 "JA Rule" brought him on stage to perform along side him,"D.GiFT" was ecstatic and vowed to never turn back. Throughout his short journey "D.GiFT" has accomplished much, from writing for various underground artist to touring around the world with his mentor "JA RULE". "D.GiFT" at a young age is becoming a movement within himself and within his community. "D.GIFT" is now more than ever ready to share his "gift" with not just the hip-hop community, but the world. When asked is there anything you can't do? "D.GIFT" will simply reply...... . "My Limits are Endless. My Destiny is Certain. My Life is Chosen."