This Dance Dance Revolution will not be Televised

This Dance Dance Revolution will not be Televised

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In a time of manufactured musicians and redundant cover bands, we are in need of something different. Something revolutionary. Now, six individuals have come together to offer you a taste of something different, A REVOLUTION OF SOUND.


In 2004, Killing Time and Imagination's Treetrunk, two unrelated, high energy collectives out of Vancouver stumbled upon a project that would set them apart from other acts in their genre. After being put on the same opening lineups several times and proceding to blow away audiences, leaving them tired for the headlining acts, they decided to combine their energy and quite opposite styles to create a truly unique collaboration.

With production ranging from electronic dance beats to hard hitting rock instrumentals, using everything from synthesizers to cellos, the music keeps the listener at full attention from beginning to end. The four dynamic emcees deliver their own unique styles together over the multitude of rhythms, sometimes using fast, high energy choppy raps, while other times using strategically laid out contentual lyrics.

DDR has shared the stage with acts such as: Raekwon the Chef(Wu-Tang Clan), Devin the Dude, Tonedeff, Cunninlynguists, and local acts like Moka Only, Josh Martinez, Emotionz and Kaboom. In the Summer of 2007 they headlined the Vancouver stage of Al Gore's "Live Earth" celebration, and have played the Mobilization Against War Overseas festival two years in a row. Their debut album has received praise in the local music magazine "Exclaim!" and made Third Verse's top 21 albums of 2007 in as well as making an appearance in the highly circulated "24" newspaper.

With the solid fan base they've collected in the short period of time they've existed, DDR is sure to snowball fans once they step outside the city that created them... The revolution has begun, are you ready?


2008 - Self Titled LP

"Who's Gonna Dance" - CBC Radio 3 track of the day on October 30, 2007.

Various co-op and College Radio play for tracks such as: Handle Biz, Cigarette and Bounce.

Bench your Excitement -

Live Performance -

Live -

Set List

DDR has performed plenty potent 15-30 minute opening sets as well as performing many non-stop energetic 45 minute to hour long headline sets.

While a majority of the set is tracks from the album, DDR has many live only shows to give something fresh to the regular fans.