Jackson, Wisconsin, USA
SoloHip Hop

100% Original, it’s describes him. You won’t find sampled music, what you’ll find is a unique blend of hand created music made straight from the heart. DDS has often been known for the ability to take the melody of a recognizable hook and create and entire song gives that melody as the overarching theme. Pure genius is what we call it.
In addition to be a rap artist acclaimed for his unique music style, Darick Spears (DDS) has produced several music albums including Rebel of tha Church The Soun


In this music industry, it is rare to find a certified audio engineer, mixer, producer, film writer/director, artist and writer all balled into one person.

Over the years as a performer, I have rocked audiences from Milwaukee, Chicago, to recently the Bronx, New York. I have self-produced my own films, albums and written my own books. As an underground artist I have always felt that I have been laying the groundwork, and I am ready for that next level.

I started music at a young age in the church, playing drums, piano etc. I began writing poetry as a child and it wasn't until I was 18 that I began writing raps and recording music. Now years later I am recording, mixing, producing, writing my own records and others. I hope to get management so that I can further my career and get noticed by the right people. Sky is the limit after that.

I produce, mix and master my own music, videos, etc.

I own everything that I do when it comes to music, film, and writing. I also, run my own company in Milwaukee called DDS MediaWorks LLC, where I train individuals on how to use entertainment industry programs like Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Final Cut, Sound Design etc.

I thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,

Darick Spears


Infinite Measures- New Album (in stores next month Exclusive Co.)
Ruthless Ghetto Boy Mixtape- (available on website)
Domination OVer this Dead Society LP
Rebel of tha Church The Soundtrack
The C4J Gang

* You can hear some of my music on on-line radio stations such as:

Videography- (all written, self-produced, mixed & edited by DDS)
The Best Kept Secret DVD- In stores next month
Rebel of tha Church The Movie-
Street Life (Music Video)

Books- (all written and self-published by DDS)
The DDS Laws of Success
Rebel of The CHurch
Sex Tells