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Influences: Jeff Lynd of ELO, Velvet Underground, Blondie

After years of playing in rock and punk bands, DD Sparks decided to do something a bit different for his next project. While reading H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine," he started thinking about the possibility of a Victorian time traveler in modern times, creating his vinyl-wearing, top-hat-clad stage persona.

"I think you should give an audience more than a pair of jeans and a T-shirt on stage," Sparks said. "My inspiration comes from the glam rock of Marc Boland, Roxy Music and even Little Richard. Rock and roll is supposed to be a little showy."

One of Sparks' proudest moments was when he got the chance to open for singer Deborah Harry and got to meet her backstage. She had kind things to say about Sparks' stage show, which still keeps him motivated. "I'll be riding off that high for years," he said.

Sparks released his first album, "Maximus Aquarius," late last year through iTunes, and expects to see a physical release sometime this fall. He has hosted the Glitter City Meltdown series at the Vaudeville Mews, mixing music, fashion and film - his nod to Andy Warhol's legendary parties.

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MAXIMUS AQUARIUS - 10 Track album release





Every so often, a poet emerges from the landscape of singer/songwriters of pop music with a message that brings a deep connection between that artist and their audience. DD Sparks is that artist.
DD Sparks gives a powerful theatrical performance on stage and possess one of the most unique and compelling voices in contemporary music. His confessional storytelling set to dance beats, mesmerizes his audience with glitter, glam and passion. “I have an emotional involvement with my audience” he proudly states, “ every time I sing one of my songs to them – I can feel it, there's a real exchange of energy. It's really electric.”
DD Sparks isn't new to the stage. Over the years, he has been cultivating his performance and musical style playing in various punk, rock and glam rock bands. While performing many regional shows to support his material he has also organized and headlined “Glitter City Meltdown”, a regular night club event hosting music, runway fashion shows, and projection art. He most notably performed with the New York nightclub promoters, The Jackie Factory, sharing the bill with Chi Chi Valenti, Johnny Dynell, Deborah Harry, Boy George and Joey Arias.
The subjects of his songs expose honest emotions of love, loss and survival and his profound lyrics shed light into personal philosophies on romance and heartbreak, temptation and strength. “I always try to be really positive with my lyrics. Even at their darkest”, Sparks explains, “I never want to leave a listener with no hope. I write to help and heal.”
Sparks' debut album, “Maximus Aquarius” was released on the self-owned label, Magic Cabinet Records. The title character of his debut record, “Maximus Aquarius” is described as “an outsider, a wanderer in time”.The album proves the artist's strengths as a singer, songwriter and music producer. He is the owner of the BMI affiliated publishing company Magus Magnum Music. For the creation of his first album, he drew inspiration from such varied sources as the glamorous style of early Hollywood, the science fiction writing of HG Wells and the music of Jim Morrison and the Doors, Stevie Nicks, David Bowie and Trent Reznor.
Recently, Sparks has been developing electronic-based music as well as remixed versions of previously released material. He is actively booking appearances at both clubs and festivals to showcase his unique style of atmospheric showmanship, hypnotic dance music and authentic confessional lyrics.
By blending a drive to perform well written songs that stand the test of time with a larger than life visual presentation, he has developed a glam rock persona in the arena of pop music, but one of substance and craft.
DD Sparks is an incomprable artists of sight and sound with a thrilling stage show that should not be missed.