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From writing to performing, and even beat production, De2our isn't just your ordinary hip hop/rap group. Already capturing the military audience, De2our is making an irregular and unusual impact on their audience and constantly grows by the minute.


After working with so many different artists and groups, Mr. HeatRock and Lyrical joined forces to become De2our. Both living their day life as U.S. Marines, De2our continues pursue their music career in the garage of Mr. HeatRocks' home. The Marine Corps has taught them many things and one is to never give up no matter what it costs.


- Gett'em Gott'em by Phoe-Reel
- The Way You Move will release on the 22nd of may.
- The Way You Move scheduled to air on 92.1 on the 23rd of May 2008.

Set List

The Way You Move - 3:32
Grown and Sexy - 3:35
So Fresh and So Clean - 4:21
Our typical set consists of a live Dj during the performance and all songs are mixed and ultimately, is a constant show with no pauses (This may change subject to audience participation). If you are looking for some thing different than we are what you hunger.