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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Heard this great music on iTunes."

Heard this great music on iTunes.
Austin, TX 78759-4551
Stephen M. Collard - Stephen M. Collard

"Listen after buying CD DJ system !"

Listen after buying CD DJ system !
Jay Cramblit. - Jay Cramblit

"This Song is the best song I’ve heard in months…"

This is the first CD review I’ve done that had to begin with a warning to listeners. Warning: Do NOT attempt to listen to the song “This Song” while trying not to dance. You will hurt yourself. I popped in this CD not long after waking up and my usual slothful beginning of the day was shattered by this outrageous tune. I love the snotty-sounding lyrics and raging guitars. “This Song” is the best song I’ve heard in months… or maybe since the ’80s… I was a dancing fool in footie jammies
Beverly Durfee.

- Beverly Durfee


Full discography info, and more details on each album, and samples could be found here:


Feeling a bit camera shy


OzTronix started work in Melbourne, Australia, in the early 1990's,
did several gigs and produced several records,
including a 10-song CD, which was mastered at the band-owned studio.

The initial lineup was Mark Fogarty (guitars, vocals),
Michael Vranic (guitars/vocals/AV production),
Brian and Simon (keyboards & drums).
The style was Hard Rock. The band was called 'Foghorn' until 2001.

During 2001, the band changed its name and structure:
Michael and Mark (guitars/vocals/keyboards, production...)
Lisa Patterson (bass/vocals/multi-instrumentalist).
Several other changeable female vocalists also cooperate with the band.

The band sometimes plays as a trio, sometimes as a quartet,
depending on the need, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, and combining this with a deep knowledge of rock,
to create an advanced yet innovative sound on today's scene.

The show is owned and organised by OzTronix including the
equipment especially chosen for playing various music styles as the band does.

Individual members have a great deal of experience in the
entertainment industry, working with some of the world's greatest artists.
Michael has years of experience in the European music industry,(doing everything, from performances to a/v production for the industry).
Lisa has experience performing as a vocalist and instrumentalist and has worked on a variety of projects...
Mark has been writing songs for well over ten years and his artistic contribution also supported the backbone of OzTronix.

The sound is normally multi-styled: rock/metal/grunge/techno & dance, with combining these styles on different songs. The fusion. Relax, and enjoy!!!

CONTACT: oztronix@gmail.com