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deas vail


eclectic indie rock with an uplifiting message


Deas Vail is a Russellville based group of five musicians who converged on the campus Arkansas Tech University in early 2004. They recorded and produced their independently released first album in a local studio owned by Dave Barton who engineered the project. Deas Vail has performed in various venues, churches and establishments in Arkansas and surround states. After winning a performance competition at Bartlesville, OK they were ask to appear at a Floodgate Records showcase during the GMA Convention in Nashville, TN.

Music lovers are in for an indulgence of the soul when tearing off the plastic of Deas Vail's CD, "This Place is Painted Red". There are no disappointments in the eleven poem-like songs and one hidden track written and produced by this cadre of five southern musicians. The opening track, "Lovers Charm", explodes with an energy level that is repeated throughout the album, and then delicately drops to plane that lures the listener in anticipation of what is coming next. Lead singer, Wes Blaylock, is not afraid to delight us with his falsetto range and then show off his driving rock skills. Guitarist, Reuben Cox, has a"big guitar" presence but uses it tastefully exhibiting tactful riffs and rhythms that liaise with Laura Hudson's keyboard and synth arrangements for an astounding sound. Althought the only female of the group, Ms. Hudson fits in ably providing resonating harmonies that blend well with Blaylock's voice. All this is capably supported by bassist Jeremy Burns and percussionist Kelsey Harelson. This duo uses interesting patterns and chordings to round out the group's sound. Lyrics printed on the cover insert occasionally give truth to the group's belief in a personal relationship between the individual and Jesus Christ, but more often the text sense are of an abstract intelligence allowing the listener to interpret and relate on an intimate level with the prose of the compositions. Great dynamics, sweet melodies, tasteful studio trimmings, and unusual timings keep this project interesting and entertaining. The listener will enjoy this musical endeavor over and again.



Written By: deas vail

They sit still and wait to dance
While the evening hours end
Cause they’re existing for the chance
That you’ll ask them out again
Don’t believe in what they say
Cause you can’t do this on your own
In the night they break away
And you’re left captured all alone
Raise the price upon your life
And the heartache that it brings
Watch these feathers fall from our skies
As the angels lose their wings
Though the seasons always change
I am written on these stones
Don’t forget the burden you gave
Every wrong to me alone
Don’t walk away from me
It’s the tragedy of night
You can’t do this on your own
So take my hand and we’ll get by
We will celebrate our song
While the last escaping stars
Wisp away as day begins
I took trouble off your hearts
But you brought it back again
Don’t cry love oh don’t cry
You know I won’t let you go
Cause I gave everything tonight
So that you could come back home
With a smile upon your face
And the morning in your arms
I changed everything in this place
Because you’re worth a lover’s charm


Written By: deas vail

I get up and I walk away
I swear I won’t get caught in this mold
I live in sacred days
What’s the point if I’m
Reconciling past positions no one sees this
I am so naive
So naive
So put the pressure on
I’m only human
But I’ll do this with you
If you will speak through me
Take me to that place
I was a boy there
I was so alive
But now I am lost in life
Why won’t you open up
I want to be held again while
The walls are falling down
Cause I forget what it was like
Before you were asleep there underground
Give me back my life
I am so weary
I am barely breathing
When can we sail away
If you’re the open skies
I’m the oceans
And the horizons make the place
That we can meet again
We were so lost


Written By: deas vail

Follow sound
Highway travel underground
To find your soul
You give a lot but they don’t see you
For the love you share alone
Now you’re searching cold
You’re willing to be more than bold
For open doors
And they pour this on
But they’re fooling no one
Now’s your chance for letting go
So let this go
I fell asleep
No one said anything to me
So I never knew that you were lost
Wandering this world
Without a chance of getting through
Is this just a game we play together
Do you think we’ll ever know
If the pros and cons allow for
Us losing hope
You move in slow and steady motion
But you’re evading none the less
You see their lives defined by portions
Of progress
And I fell asleep but I could dream
That I was anything
And we brought ourselves to this place
And turned and walked away
To find a life that’s so much more
You can say anything to me
Won’t you open up your eyes
Through your window you’ll see
The sun is shining bright
And I promise there’s a world out there


"this place is painted red"

Set List

30-40 minute set