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DEACON EL FLY: "Live band Hip-Hop"


Deacon EL Fly's unique sound combines the flow of hip-hop with the instrumentation of a jam band. It all started at Lakeside High where 4 of the band members went to school. Not knowing they would eventually form DEACON EL FLY, the guys all knew each other in some way. After High School King James embarked on his rap career. He cut 2 albums and did some promo work for Hot 107.9 Chad, Caled and Jeff would eventually form a "jam band" called Moontower. Moontower performed around the local Atlanta music scene for over a year playing venues like Smiths Olde Bar, Eddie's Attic, The Peachtree Tavern, and Jake's Toadhouse. About 6 years after high school, the guys randomly ran into King James at their job. They got to talking and with the addition of Tom on bass eventually combined their talents to form DEACON EL FLY. With a wide range of influences ranging from Dr. Dre, 8-Ball,Outkast and Jay-Z to Phish, The Grateful Dead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band and Sound Tribe Sector 9, DEACON EL FLY covers the entire spectrum of Hip-Hop and Jam-Rock.


The "Mighty" Demo

1. My Life My love
2. Fly Away From Here
3. Walk with Angels
4. Enough is Enough
5. Parade
6. Back to Paradise (acoustic)

More songs can be heard at

Set List

Deacon EL Fly, Club 29, 10.19.07

Set I: Stole the Soul, Yes Sir, Fly Away From Here, Aint that Love, Dance Forever, Enough is Enough, Wookie, Hootie Hoo Jam, Triumph, Parade, A.T.L.A.N.T.A., Back to Paradise, Shock & Awe, Bad on Them, My Life My Love

E: Rock with it