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Dead Love Club

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Electronic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Austin's New Electrofunk Punks"

Rockstar Magazine: Welcome to Rockstar Magazine guys. How is the Club?

Johnny X: Dead Love Club is definitely in fine form and shaping up quite nicely to become a pretty sexy beast this year. We're working on a full length album and the new live band is on fire. I think it's safe to say that we're out for blood.

Rockstar Magazine: Please introduce the band members and what they play in the group.

Don Jon: We've got Johnny X on lead vocals, the gorgeous Emmy “Ferocious E” Robbin on she-vocals, Kriss St. Kriss on guitar, myself (Don Jon) on keys and the scandalous miss Rona Rougeheart on drums. The band is definitely hot and we’re ready to fuck some shit up.

Rockstar Magazine: Ferocious E, how did you get involved with the band and what's it like performing on stage with Johnny?

Ferocious E: I remember driving and getting a call from Johnny asking me if I was interested in joining. He described the band to me and I had never heard of a band like that. It sounded so fun and sexy. I sang in a few cover bands before, but this was an opportunity for me to be a performer with a character behind a mask. He played me their first CD "Chronic Electronic" and I played it in my car all the time. I wanted to be a part of DLC right away! That was 2 years ago. Johnny is my rock on stage. He helps me feel more comfortable with myself every show! Who wouldn't wanna rock with him?!

Rockstar Magazine: Ferocious E, we've heard that you're an actress as well. Can you tell us a little about your roles/experience?

Ferocious E: I started acting in the womb. I love performing. The stage and behind the camera are so fun. I have been in Robert Rodriguez's Sin City, Planet Terror, Machete, Machete Kills, and coming out this year Sin City 2. I was also a lead in a horror flick that was #2 at Red Box all over the country for a while called I Didn't Come Here To Die. I like to play strong, confident, sexy characters. Ferocious E is a character I created. She is a tough hard to handle man eater. I get into character, go on stage, then when the show is over I'll be innocent and sweet again. Well... Maybe. 

Rockstar Magazine: Tell us about the new EP. What is it called?

Rona: The new EP is self titled "Dead Love Club". It's kind of a second introduction to the band following our debut album "Chronic Electronic". The EP is free to download at our website, so we don't really consider it an official release.

Rockstar Magazine: I have seen the band perform several times now on Red River at Elysium and Headhunters/Metal & Lace. Great Live shows! The audience is kind of a mixed bag and apparently, some of them can't keep their clothes on!

Don Jon: Our live show is always a blast and we're just trying to show everyone a good time and not take ourselves too seriously. That's why I think the band is catching fire so quickly. We can feel that people want to be entertained again and that’s why folks are coming to our shows. They just want to have fun and not be bored to death. It’s not rocket science.

Johnny X: It's all about giving the audience fun, sexy music to sing and dance to that leaves a lasting impression. Our crowd is super fun and it is a mixed bag. Our music is for everyone. People want to unleash and have a great time with no inhibitions or judgements. And yeah, some people are inspired to strip. We never know what we're going to inspire, but we can say it's always a unique, memorable experience.

Rockstar Magazine: The song "Shock Electric" really gets the crowd going. A lot of energy coming off the stage from you guys. Where does this energy come from?

Johnny X: Our energy comes from each other and from the audience. Each band member contributes his/her own energy and together we're like an atom bomb of sex, debauchery and rock n' roll. We derive energy from the crowd and vice versa, we satiate each other. DLC music is designed to be simple and funky, so once the crowd gets going it’s a centrifugal force. No one ever said rock 'n roll should be difficult. 

Rockstar Magazine: What is the song "Devil On The Run" about? Is that song about devil worship or is there a deeper hidden message to the lyrics? I can't seem to put a finger on it.

Johnny X: We don’t worship the devil and it makes a lot more sense once you find out what it’s really about. That song was inspired by this Asian personal trainer who was grilling this girl in front of me to get toned up before she hit the club that night. So listen to it, now knowing the back story, and it will make total sense. Of course it's also a really great workout song. 

Rockstar Magazine: What would you guys call the Genre? Disco-Tech , Synth-Pop, Industrial, Electro-Rock?

Kriss St. Kriss: Electrofunk punk is what we call it but we throw everything from new wave to hip hop to industrial in there. We don't really care what it's called as long as it's sexy and contagiously animalistic.

Rockstar Magazine: How did the band form and how long has this line-up been together now?

Johnny X: The band first started out as myself, an MPC2000 drum machine and VS-880 Digital Recorder back in 2008. I literally puked out the first CD “Chronic Electronic” in like 3 months with a bag of Sour Diesel and a few bottles of red merlot. The song “Lies” was written first and then I basically followed that same musical formula and wrote the rest of the album super fast. Now I feel with the new band that we’re writing more high energy upbeat songs that we can rock onstage. Having a band this time around to collaborate with will be a lot more exciting and the new material is just getting stronger and stronger.

Ferocious E: We've been around for close to six years now but the new line-up has been together for less than a year. I've been in the band for two years and Rona joined us recently on the drums. Our individual uniqueness gives us a really powerful and undeniable dynamic that will knock your tits off!

Rockstar Magazine: What are some of Dead Love Club's musical influences?

Johnny X: DLC was inspired by 80's bands like Depeche Mode, Judas Priest, Suicide, Thrill Kill Kult, Duran Duran and dare I say the gay biker guy from the Village People. Visually, I personally have always been drawn to the androgynous rock singers like Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Rob Halford, Prince and the epitome of all andro front men…David Lee Roth. To me those guys were true rock stars.

Rockstar Magazine: You guys have a different type of look and presence from other bands here in Austin. What's the motivation behind your image?

Johnny X: Our band is all about style and intrigue. DLC is a dark, fashionable band that I want to evolve and change so it never gets predictable. We want to blur the lines between leather, rock n' roll, high fashion and punk rock stylings.

Rona: We always try to change things up and surprise people. You never know what we're going to be wearing or, better yet, not wearing at the shows. Emmy and I have a wardrobe full of sexy little things. Each band member has their own styles and image, but collectively, we like to keep that allure. We like fantasy and mystery. We also want our audience to be free to express themselves however they want in their own fantasy and mystery. Like Johnny said, it's about losing your inhibitions and not worrying about being judged. That's what makes it fun!

Rockstar Magazine: Do your fans have a name yet? Dead club zombies or something? LOL

Rona: Um. We're not quite sure, yet. "Lovers"? 

Rockstar Magazine: Where can Readers catch the jamming sounds of Dead Love Club this February?

Rona: You can buy or order our debut release “Chronic Electronic” at Waterloo Records,, iTunes and Our self-titled EP is also available for free download on our website. 

Rockstar Magazine: When is the new album released online and where can we get a copy?

Ferocious E: The new EP is available for free now on our website so there is no excuse to not know our songs and get hip to Dead Love Club’s music. 

Rockstar Magazine: Thank you guys ! Tell readers where your next few shows are.

Rona: We play Tuesday, February 11 at Metal and Lace - Saturday, February 15 at AJ's Live in Marble Falls and Thursday, February 27 at Elysium. Come out and see us! Bring your sexy and be ready to dance! - Rockstar Magazine


DEAD LOVE CLUB ~ Chronic Electronic 
The debut CD from DEAD LOVE CLUB featuring the hot video singles “Lies” & “Lover”. With special guest performances from Sir Joshua Bradford (Revolting Cocks), Candace Sanders (Candiland), Taye Cannon (Roxy Roca) and Kriss St. Kriss (Bang/Dirty Wormz). Produced by The Peculiar Mr. X & DJ Freakula. Don’t miss the one that started it all! CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!

DEAD LOVE CLUB ~ Free Download EP
Download six Dead Love Club songs for FREE by clicking on the album cover! Featuring the songs “Devil On The Run”, “Just Another Victim” & Midnight”. Now there’s no excuse to not have some DLC tunes in your player. Burn your free tracks today, live ‘em, learn ‘em and get in the front row!



Austin, Texas’ DEAD LOVE CLUB fuse contagious electrofunk beats with scandalous tales of tainted love, dirty lies and scantily clad rock ‘n roll. Masterminded by singer/producer Johnny X with additional production by Don Jon, the band’s sound is undeniably their own breed of swaggering sexy electroclash.

The band released their smashing debut Chronic Electronic in early 2012 and in early 2014 released the self titled EP Dead Love Club, which include video singles “Lies” and “Lover”. 

They’ve been moving up quickly in the rock scene this year making the cover of Rockstar Magazine - February issue, playing main stage in the headlining spot at Texas Rockfest SXSW, ranking #8 in Best Avant-garde/Experimental Band in the Austin Music Awards, opening for Neon Trees, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Genitorturers and much more.

Featuring Johnny X and the succulently seductive Emmy “Ferocious E” Robbin (Machete Kills, Sin City 2) on vocals, the shredding guitar of Kriss St. Kriss and hot new drummer Rona Rougeheart (Gretsch Drums Artist)…DEAD LOVE CLUB is ready to set the world on fire.

The band is currently in the studio readying their latest release "Looking For Some Action" due in January 2016. Stay tuned to for the latest news and upcoming concert dates. 

Band Members
Johnny X - Lead Vocals 
Ferocious E - Vocals
Kriss St. Kriss - Guitar
Don Jon - Keys/Backing Vocals
Rona Rougeheart - Drums

Band Members