Dead Alphabet

Dead Alphabet

 Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZAF

Dead Alphabet is a band rooted in hard rock riffing. But through the cracks and holes in the rocks, life sprouts. Succulent, green vocal harmonies and flowering guitar melodies weave their way out into the open. It invites your ears to listen before dropping back out and punching you in the stomach.


Dead Alphabet met in a dark, airless room and attempted, inappropriately, to get their instruments to mate. Two years later, this is still their goal. The music spawned from the skins, cymbals, speakers and strings is a sexy, frenzied beast child. It’s loud, abrasive and doesn’t take no for an answer. It is not, however, a problem child: recent successes, including a European Tour, an EP available at Look & Listen stores countrywide (The Kill, 2010) and a nomination for Best Rock at this year’s MK awards (for the music video, Eat You Alive), show that the music has the legs to run, and it plans to run far indeed. The band are currently booking a tour to the United States, with booking agents in California eager to bring the Johannesburg based rock ‘n rollers over for shows in June.

Spending days in tour vans, sharing sleeping space with guitars and amps, is something the band are very used to, having extensively toured South Africa and covering five countries in their recent attack on Europe. The band took to stages in England, Holland, Belgium, Germany and France and left with piles of new fans and a tour documentary filmed by the band’s cohort, Hanro Havenga, yet to be released.

In the meantime, fans can hold themselves over with the soon to be released video Blood on My Fist, which features intimate footage of the band on tour. This track is the first of three singles, available on an upcoming EP that was performed live in studio - an approach that captures the bombast, energy and tightness of their live stage shows. The band writhes on stage, as hip-shaking rock ‘n roll rhythms demand you to dance. And dance you shall. If you can’t dance, there is always room for head-banging and even more room for panty throwing.


Fever Girl (2008) - Single (Streaming)
The Whale The Snake The Bull and The Owl (2009) - EP (Streaming)
Eat You Alive (2010) - Single (Streaming)
The Kill (2010) - EP
Lick Yourself Clean (2012) - Singles