DeadBeat is a highly diverse band, that is musically talented and motivated. Their music ranges in genre from rock and roll, to jazz, to funk. Most of all DeadBeat is a jam band, and can get crowds excited and involved through their creative jam sessions.


All from the suburbs of detroit, DeadBeat was formed in August of 2003 and has since gained a significant following in Metropolitan Detroit. Beggining with roots firmly in classic rock, DeadBeat has since strayed from the sounds of Led Zeppelin and The Who, to be influenced by jazz masters such as Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane, along with blues legends. Having successfully won a number of local battle of the bands, DeadBeat is looking to find greater recognition, beggining in Michigan, and eventually nationally.


DeadBeat - Plain and Simple

Set List

Excess of 20 original songs
Jazz Standards
Classic Rock