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Dead Beat Band

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia | INDIE

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia | INDIE
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"Dead Beat Band"

It takes a certain amount of quiet confidence and commitment to successfully sport a hat or a beard; which is why these seemingly innocent items can exponentially increase the attractive-value of the wearer. A man who can don a hat and a beard at the same time, is pretty much carry-over champ in the irresistible game. Meet Mickey Mandrusiak – often seen getting about town in a skipper’s cap and the type of beard soft pretty ladies like to get lost in. His regular absence of footwear allows one to behold the tattooed feet that read ‘no shirt, no shoes, no worries’ and the cut-off jeans are the final stroke in the ‘I’ve-just-washed-up-on-a-beach-and-I’m-still-dominating-and-I’m-not-even-trying-shall-we-have-a-beer?’ look, enviable to anyone who’s forked out a couple of hundred dollars and still is short of comparative pulling power.

No one knows really what Mickey does but he’s somehow becoming an icon just by being rather rad. He starred in the film clip for The Beautiful Girls recent “Don’t Wait” single and made headlines jumping on stage with a very perplexed looking Bliss n Eso wearing nothing but a Japanese style toe-sock. There’s a Facebook link showing him doing the crab dance and there’s many a legendary tale of his (often unusual) shenanigans with the ladies. So cult is he becoming, there’d be no surprise in seeing his head turn up on a postcard in a Burleigh Heads gift shop. And now, there’s yet another dimension to this underground hero of the people – frontman of the funtime, garage get-together that is the Gold Coast’s Dead Beat Band.

Having just recently played their very first live show in support of The Beautiful Girls at Coolangatta, DBB are still very embryonic (apart from the beards) but they are already building up one of those adoring followings made up of tanned surfer sweethearts and stylish coolios. And the music suits the aesthetics – it too is dressed for good times; heavy in hang-ten guitar work, powered by garage punk ethos and steered by desires for heavy petting. And whilst this sounds like it could add up to a whole stack of lewd crude dude work, Mickey Mandrusiak and the Dead Beat Band come across as drop dead adorable. One night out to see them live can become a long evening that lasts for days and lingers for months.

Words by Mel Bampton
YEN issue 44
- Yen Magazine

"The Beautiful Girls, Bonjah, Dead Beat Band @ Coolangatta Hotel, (16/01/09)"

Gig Reviews by rosesadleir, 19th January, 2010

Performing to a sold out crowd for the third night in a row, The Beautiful Girls played an as expected overly impressive set. After taking time of to work on a solo album, Mat McHugh and TBG have at last reunited to raise the bar yet again.

Opening was local band Dead Beat Band; not only are these guys a brand new band, but they also have a brand new sound, something which becoming rarer to find these days. Blending the perfect combination of rock and roll, indie, alternative and pure rock with old school guitar riffs, heavy drums and insane vocals, an exact genre for Dead Beat Band would be hard to pinpoint.

A barefooted lead singer Mickey Mandrusiak’s projected a rare and incomparable voice, one that wouldn’t normally be mixed with such boucey raw rock tunes – probably a main contributor to why this band’s sound is so unusual, and so unparalleled.

In particular, songs Gypsie Girl and Sugar kept the heavily addictive beat alive, and had the whole crowd dancing like we’d been teleported back a good three decades ago; back when it was more common to find raw, grungy, and pure rock & roll.

"Dead Beat Band"

Where: Coolangatta Hotel
Supporting: Beautiful Girls 16/1/10

As my partner and I stood in line at the Cooly Hotel, a strange looking pirate man with a huge beard bumped into me and vomited. “Are you right mate?” I puffed. “Oh I’m sorry,” said the bearded man. “I do this just before I’m to go on stage, it’s a nerve thing”. Then he ran away. At precisely 8:30pm the Dead Beat Band share a “go get ‘em girl” backstage group hug before shuffling bare feet onto the stage. A fresh surf sounding set with a few Sunny Boys covers and you’ve got an entertaining hour. They may well be Dead Beats but tonight they showed the Cooly Hotel what it means to be in a real band with no tightened up perfections or laser shows. It’s flowing noise served in a plastic cup you can stomp into the ground when you’re done. Five gold dubloons. –Killer Whale
- Surfing World Magazine


Dead Beat Band, Die!Boredom Records 2010. Sugar, Pony, Head Spins, Again, Gypsy Girl.



Dead Beat Band

“Hip shakin' sun soaked bearded garage surf rock, washed up with a fresh love for whiskey wisdoms and one night stands.

These romping dead beats are all about getting people off there seats, with shimmy sounds, getting stomped to the ground.”

The Dead beat Band met swooning through boozy backyard jams in late 2009. They sniffed rock-n-roll adventure & extravagance and fast turned a few ditty’s into a first gig a month later at a packed-out raucous warehouse party somewhere in the ‘burbs. This was quickly backed up by a string club shows in and around Southern Queensland and Northern NSW as the band got a rep for getting the party pumping.

From there, Dead Beat Band rocked the Tanuki Lounge in Brisbane and layed down 5 tracks for their debut self titled EP. Dead Beat Band was released on Die!Boredom Records/ MGM in June 2010. Impressed and loving the sound, the band was invited to tour with label partners, The Beautiful Girls and Australian touring acts Ash Grunwald and The Goons of Doom.

Parklife in Brisbane saw the boys first festival appearance (although they did headline the Laneway Fest official after party) which went down a treat! Next festival stop is a main stage slot at That Festival on the NSW North Coast.

Dead Beat Band are at the forefront of the Gold Coast's burgeoning live music scene and with sell out shows at Elsewhere and Neverland notched up, they boys are looking forward to breaking the mold and hitting the road with a fever.