Dead Beat Dolls

Dead Beat Dolls

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Dead Beat Dolls is a rock/alternative/blues band out of Cincinnati, OH. Influenced by musical groups like The Dead Weather, The Rolling Stones, and Wanda Jackson, Dead Beat Dolls is making waves in Cincinnati's music scene.


The members of Dead Beat Dolls began their journey after being expelled from several different birth canals and surviving a series of fortunate and unfortunate events. Foxie escaped from her coyote family and became a stripper/performer in hopes of reconnecting with her lost father. Jet found her along the way after hitch-hiking with a homeless prairie dog on the back of Walt. Walt was, up until this point, leading a sad life as an alcoholic. Walt tripped down some stairs into Jet, who carried him through four states. The sad crew of Foxie, Jet, and Walt were seeking shelter when they came upon a troubled lad, Onyx, eating away his troubles with a bucket of drumsticks in his front yard. Onyx welcomed them into his home with open paws and together they formed Dead Beat Dolls. Foxie never met her dad or made it as a stripper because she had clams as hands.

Set List

Dead End Jane Doe
Burnt Toast
Lethal Lemon High
Fujiyama Mama
Zombie Boy
I Don't Know Sheena