Dead Beat Poetry

Dead Beat Poetry

 Dallas, Texas, USA

We are Dead Beat Poetry and we play rock n roll...


Dead Beat Poetry is the musical result of a journey taken inside cheap motels, alleys, and underpasses. Singing songs about nothing to lose, they shed light on beauty that can only exist in dark places, and can only be seen when you're an outsider. Following the tradition of artists such as John Lee Hooker, Jim Morrison, and Iggy Pop, Dead Beat Poetry pull their musical language from blues roots, and build on them with sounds of varied genres, creating their own unique vocabulary. Lulio Guevara's raw guitar playing and expressive vocals, blended with Brandon Keebler's aggressive drumming and use of the Moog keyboard, give Dead Beat Poetry a sound all their own.


2015 - Bathroom Graffiti Music

2014- Teen Wolf (EP)

2014 - Mutt Katt

2011 - Dead Beat Poetry (EP)