Deadbeat Sinatra

Deadbeat Sinatra


Deadbeat Sinatra evolved from East LA and have broken the genre specific sound barrier by creating something edgy, danceable, and melodic.


Deadbeat Sinatra has been a staple in the Southern California music scene for over 5 years now. Fronted by singer/guitarist Adrian Misquez, the band has taken the influences of 70’s Glam, 80’s New Wave, and Punk, and polished it up with a little Stones and Stooges to give you one extraordinary lesson in Rock & Roll. Evolving from the streets of East LA, long time friends Adrian and Larry Ayon (drums) wanted to bring the audience something different. Something with Rat Pack swank and style, something with raw, edgy punk rock guitars, and something with a hard, go-go backbeat to boot. The resulting energy is unforgettable, catchy, toe-tapping, and diverse.

The band has one major release to its credit – “Seven & Seven”, a split CD with veteran Huntington Beach rockers, The Put-Ons, released in 2003 on local Basement records. Deadbeat Sinatra has also been featured on several music compilations with the likes of Down by Law, Guttermouth, Seven Seconds, and Bullet Treatment. In addition, they are one of the original bands to perform in the now legendary “Kiss or Kill” club in Los Angeles.

Earlier this year, the band picked up 2 new members: James Lerie on Bass guitar and Steve Wolfe on rhythm guitar and have evolved into the more melodic, musically diverse Rock and Roll band that has the strength and motivation to move to the next level. The band is currently working on demos for the slated November release of “Shakin’ Bones” featuring such instant hits as “Another kind of Coldshot”, “Do you wanna get some”, “Dick Jagger”, and “Bleeding Heart”.


Baby Doll

Written By: Adrian Mizquez

Well there she goes again, she's wearing her spiked up heels, she's driving me insane, well don't tell me I can never make her mine


Well here I go again, well I'm all alone, my guitar and alcohol, well don't tell me I can never make her mine



"Seven & Seven" - split CD release with the Put-Ons on Basement Records

"Radio Disasters Vol. 2, 4, & 6" - Various artists compilations on Basement Records

"Kiss or kill" - Various artists on War Room Records

Set List

We are currently performing a 30 - 35 minute set list that includes original material: Baby Doll, Do The Monster, Deadbeat Girl, Dick Jagger, Do you wanna get some, Bleeding Heart, Misery Beat, Turn Me Loose, and Ghastly Pee Wee.

We also regularly play covers of Iggy and the Stooges "Loose" & The Saints "Stranded"

Deadbeat Sinatra is also known as "Dear Lover", a tribute band that plays a 1 hour set of various classic Social Distortion songs.