Deadbolt Zen

Deadbolt Zen

 Houston, Texas, USA

Texas born, Deadbolt Zen comes from the streets of Houston, TX. Currently working with producer Brian Virtue (Deftones, Audioslave, Jane's Addiction) and winners of the worldwide contest by Reality-Entertainment (Krokus, Marcy's Playground, Sybreed).


Deadbolt Zen was formed in 2005 and has since had many member changes and additions, with the exception of Dustin Dichoso. Influenced by everything from heavy metal and progressive rock to blues, folk, and adult contemporary artists, Dustin has used Deadbolt Zen as a vehicle for expressing his darker and heavier side. The band has had success in the local markets of Texas, as well as building a following in the Los Angeles area through the 3EG community ( Their song, Everything Changes, was included in the video game, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground in 2007.
Dustin, himself, has also had success in TV/FILM placement since the mid-nineties with his song, Scream, which has been used by CBS, NBC, ABC, MTV, VH-1, A&E, as well as other independent projects and films. He is currently working on an acoustic project, while still working with Deadbolt Zen, for music placement and publishing.
“Music — The one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of
knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot
comprehend.” Ludwig Van Beethoven


New worldwide distributed EP to be released this summer through Reality Entertainment (Sybreed, Marcy's Playground, etc..)