Dead but Dreaming

Dead but Dreaming


Dead but Dreaming is an original band with an original sound. A true rarity amongst a myriad of Metalcore clones. If you're sick of the same old same old; you're ready for Dead but Dreaming.


The time has come for change. A revolutionary thought for some, a mere cliché to others; it is as much a way of life for Ontario’s Dead but Dreaming as it is a mantra. Separating their sound from the masses was not something Dead but Dreaming consciously set out to do, it was more of an intrinsic right of passage for staying true to their roots.

Dead but Dreaming’s sound is not an easy one to define; At times reaching heights of brutal riffs, blast beats, industrialized electronics and throaty screams, at others sinking into melancholy melodies, ethereal ambience and heartfelt emotion. Dead but Dreaming is about contrast; The eternal dance of day & night, the constant struggle between good & evil, the joys and pains of being human.

Assimilation best defines the evolution of Dead but Dreaming’s unique style & sound. The final product is a result of amalgamating the entire band’s ideas into one cohesive piece of art. A brotherhood of individualism; Stressing that writing is not about appeasing egos, it is about creating beautiful art.

The Burning Ammera EP is a Molotov cocktail through the window of today’s carbon copy music factory, and one that is poised to destroy the status quo of popular music. Todays stagnant music scene is in deperate need of change but Dead but Dreaming are the solution: Anarchy by means of a Musical Revolution.

A perfect balance of moods & atmospheres, Burning Ammera Takes listeners through emotional highs and lows, beginning with the title track. “Burning Ammera” is a seething editorial on the current state of World Politics, set to a blistering metal track complete with staccato time signature changes & soaring guitar solo. The tracks “Into my Head” and “Shades of Grey” boast Dead but Dreaming’s ability to seamlessly blend aggression & melody, while still maintaining hit potential. The two Singles “Stitch” and “Saybel” though sonically worlds apart, both illustrate the band’s mainstream potential. The EP is brought to its smashing end with the emotionally cathartic “Mr & Mrs Monkey” a tale of escape from an abusive family set to a punishing, grinding metal backdrop. The EP will leave you feeling like you just went through a whirlwind of emotional wreckage, emerging intact, alongside a beckoning ray of optimism, eternally…

Dead but Dreaming


Self-Titled, Self-Produced Demo
6 song EP currently being recorded at Mastermind Studios.

Set List

All originals:
Shades of Grey
White America
Into my Head
Mr & Mrs Monkey