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East Haven, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

East Haven, Connecticut, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Metal Rock


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New Haven, Connecticut, USA

New Haven, Connecticut, USA


Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA

Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA

DEAD BY WEDNESDAY @ ABC Performance Center

Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA

Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Although Dead By Wednesday erupted from the hardcore hotbed of New Haven, CT., their sound has always been far more complex than a single genre could imply. Their previous two albums stacked hardcore and metal elements on top of punk edged lyrics, showcasing tremendous potential. Going into the studio for their tertiary effort, DBW set out to make their own "Master of Puppets", and guess what? THEY DID IT. With their third album, 'The Last Parade', Dead By Wednesday has distilled their greatest strengths into a tight, muscular sound that makes this album the band's definitive statement. Propelled by titanic thrash rhythms, seismic drumming, and vocals that alternate between snarling Pantera tinged fury, vintage death growls, and screams sharp enough to pierce iron, 'The Last Parade" is a sonic manifesto. This disc is the sound of a band moving up to the next level. - Joe Daly - Joe Daly / Outburn Magazine

There are lots of ways to combine hardcore and thrash. The trouble is, most of them are fucking boring and only result in the creation of a faceless mishmash of moshpit-ready riffage that goes nowhere. I won't bother name-dropping any of the acts that have fallen into this trap in recent years, it's not like you'd be able to tell their songs apart without a cheat sheet anyway. Instead, I'm gonna recommend you listen to Dead By Wednesday, who may not be the most original band in the world but are at least offering one compelling path through the hard-core-meets-thrash jungle. These guys tear shit up! DBW's riffs are catchy, their breakdowns make you wanna break stuff, and basically, they don't suck, in a world of bands that do. - Phil Freeman (Editor-In-Chief) - Phil Freeman (Editor-In-Chief) / METAL EDGE


The Last Parade (2011)
The Killing Project (Eclipse - 2009)
Democracy is Dead (Stillborn - 2006)




Morbid Joe - Vox / Opus - Drums / Mike Modeste - Bass / Joey Concepcion- Guitar

DEAD BY WEDNESDAY's fourth release and brand new CD is a short but sweet five song powerhouse EP entitled "Death of the Rockstar" that leaves you wanting more. It's in one sense, the death of one long chapter of the band's history due to the loss of long-time guitarist Ross Ragusa (who is still playing on this CD), but is also the rebirth of a hardworking, independent metal band that has morphed into a "real" unstoppable international act. A band that can be put up on the same stages with any of the top metal contenders "of the now." Throughout the years they have toured relentlessly, and in doing so have found their own sound and style, creating a fierce loyal fan base along the way. Now, with all the right members in place, they have all the pistons of this metal turbo engine running full throttle, and are without a doubt a serious force to be reckoned with. The Death of the Rockstar is also a metaphor for the dying music industry of today. This is not in regards to the art or creation of music by our fellow musicians, (even though we do feel it’s slightly over saturated), but rather the negative impact that the corporate politics involved has had on the current scene. 

Past History: 
In 2005, Dead By Wednesday made their first mark by releasing their debut CD Democracy is Dead on Jasta of Hatebreed's Stillborn Records. Then in 2008 came "The Killing Project", the highly anticipated sophomore full length CD on Eclipse Records. The Killing Project demonstrated with a punch to the face, New Haven CT's very own aggressive hybrid of metal, punk, & real hard core. While still considered just a metal band, DBW's older sound was once called “cross-over". With songs of urgency & importance regarding ideas on religion, current world affairs, race & equality, "The Killing Project", was destined to make an impact. And it did - with 13 bone-crushing songs, including a memorable guest performance by Carley Coma of Candiria on "The Chosen", as well as bonus tracks, a free CD sampler & more. Shortly after, the video for the single 'Pawns' by Grammy nominated producer David Brodsky of My Good Eye, NYC, went into rotation on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball, Music Choice and Havok TV on demand, Liquid Metal, Rock Band, and UFC. In 2011, the band worked on all new brutal material & went into the studio recording their important junior LP with long time friend & producer Enoch Jensen at East Lake Recording Studio's in MA. Dead By Wednesday was focused on making “their Master of Puppets” dubbed The Last Parade, and they succeeded in doing so. The release of The Last Parade was followed by a full U.S tour with Straight Line Stitch and Defiler, sponsored by the clothing line Hatewear, Inc. Dead By Wednesday went on to snag the “Best Metal” award two years in a row at the Connecticut Music Awards. 

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“The Last Parade” is the sound of a band moving up to the next level.” - Joe Daly (Outburn Mag.)

"DBW has a new & total original sound that's guaranteed to set the world a blaze!" - Marc Rizzo (guitarist of SOULFLY/Calvera Conspiricy/x-ILL Nino) 

"Heavy, thrashing and hardcore. Perfect!" - David Ellefson (bassist of MEGADETH) 

"A metal mosh massacre fueled by shredding guitars, double bass, catchy melodies & lyrics that actually make you think." - Beattie (bassist of HATEBREED) 

" Whhoooaa! The Killing Project does just that! It kills!!" - Mike Haze (DJ @ the Lazer, 99.3FM.) 

“Dead By Wednesday is a band that holds the future of hardcore metal in the palm of their hands” – Paul Gargano (Metal Edge Magazine)