Dead Cat One Snap
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Dead Cat One Snap

Quincy, Massachusetts, United States

Quincy, Massachusetts, United States
Band Rock Pop


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Dead Cat One Snap - 7song demo



Dead Cat One Snap is a unique name for a unique band. But how on earth did we arrive at such an odd name for a band?

Well it all started shortly after the band formed in Oct. 2007. We had been rehearsing for a month or so, all the while trying to think of a name. And, as anyone who has been in a band will tell you the simple act of naming the band can be more challenging than learning the songs you are going to play. And this was becoming the case for us.

The fact that we all come from different musical backgrounds was helpful in creating a great blend of talent and influences, as well as adding colorful dynamics to our sound, but it wasn't helping us on our quest for a name.

Erin's music theatre training at The Boston Conservatory combined with her love for rock and pop music make her an outstanding front person that audiences adore. Now combine that with Allan's Jazz background and his love for 80's arena bands like Styx and Journey. Then add in Craig's experiences in prog rock and his flare for comic relief on stage. Lastly to tie it all together there is Chris's rock/punk roots from the NYC club scene playing with such acts as Richard Hell, and you've got a great blend of musical talent and a sonic blend that is pleasing to the ear.

However, the same diversity that makes the music so good also led to differing opinions on what to call the thing. Names like "Gumption", "Short Bus", and "Miss Babylon" were tossed about and shot down almost as quickly as they were brought up. But, eventually we settlled on a name we all disliked equally but none of us hated (or so we thought) and booked our first show under the name "The Breakfast Club". Three weeks before our first show we came to the realization that "The Breakfast Club" was a good name for an '80s cover band, but a name we all hated for our band.

So now what, we have this gig booked and no name. Well we rehashed some of the old names we had thrown out and quickly figured out that wasn't going to work. So, in need of distraction we stopped thinking about it for the moment and Erin started to tell us a story about a party she had thrown and how she locked her cat in the closet to protect him from the sure to be less than sober and somewhat unruly party guests. Well the party came and went and it was the next morning when she realized the cat was still in her closet. When she told her friend this, he replied, still drunk "If there is a dead cat in that closet, I'm outa here in less than one snap"

Fortunately the cat was fine and more fortunately by the end of the story we all kind of looked at each other and said "Dead Cat One Snap what a great band name". And so that's the name we used for our first gig, which was a very good one, and also the name we have decided to stick with. And it's has provento be a great name attracting much interest, some odd looks, any many questios leading to the telling of the above story. But most of all it has generated a buzz leading to more successful shows and an ever growing fan base.

Now with the addition of Mark Lublin who brings his talent and experience from playing in several Boston based cover bands as a guitarist and singer to the lineup Dead Cat One Snap has a ful and complete sound. With the versatility of having both female and male lead vocals crowds are treated to a wider range of songs that they all know and love delivered with the style and energy that can only come from a band with the gumption to call itself Dead Cat One Snap. After all what's in a name right.