Boston, Massachusetts, USA

We are a high-energy Grunge/Punk band from Boston, Mass. We like to play loud and dirty and we always put on a great show.


As the sun began to rise over the ravaged waste lands, a loud crack of thunder shot through the ground. The prince of darkness rose from his long slumber and gazed into the sky with eyes of fury and blood lust. "ON THIS CURSED DAY I SHALL CREATE THE GREATEST ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME." Three wise men wandered through the shattered reality of desert and came upon the demon "YOU THREE THERE, YOU SHALLEST SINGITH AND PLAYETYH THE GUITAR BETTER THAN EVEN THE HOLLIEST OF PLAYERS, AND YOU, BASS BETTER THAN ANY MAN WITH FINGERS EVER TO PLAY, AND YOU, YOU SHALL PLAY THE MOST BONE CURDLING OF DRUMS, YOU THREE WILL BLOCK THE SUN ITSELF WITH YOUR ROCK DAMNATION, AND YOU THREE SHALL BE DOTHED DEAD CATS DEAD RATS, THE MOST RAVAGED AND UNCLEAN OF ALL CREATURES" Then just as fast as the mighty demon came he left with an ear piercing laugh.

2011 BEST PUNK ACT - Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll
2010 PUNK ACT OF THE YEAR - Boston Music Awards

Nominated for 2011 Boston Music Awards Punk Act Of The Year, winner announced November 20th.


2011 - "Things That Go Bump In The Night" from NOW DOVES FLY HERE compilation

2010 - Monsters

2009 - Riff

2008 - Dead Cats Dead Rats

2007 - Demo