Dead City Riots

Dead City Riots


Drawing influences from a wide variety of bands in the Rock, Grunge and Alternative genres but with an identity and sound all of their own Daed City Riots are quickly becoming one of THE bands to watch.


Dead City Riots formed in Glasgow, Scotland in late 2001, original members David Cunningham (vocals) and Paul Clark (guitar) spent the first few months writing and rehearsing before starting to play gigs in the Glasgow area. Early 2002 saw Cameron Smart join on bass and with Chris Coll joining on drums in late 2002 the current line up was complete.

The band play regularly at venues such as King Tuts, Barfly, The Cathouse and Nice n’ Sleazy’s and have built up a very loyal following. They have supported acts such as Kasabian, King Adora, Brigade, The Miles Hunt Club (ex wonderstuff), The Ga Ga’s, Sluts of trust, Lost Alone, Chikinki, Smother, Fallen To, The Spitfires and many more. The band have played gigs all over the U.K. including a headline gig in London. They have been described as Alternative/Post-Grunge.

The band have released two ep’s on their own Chicken Physics label which have both sold out of their initial runs, both have received airplay on college, local and national radio including a track from their “What’s my pill?” ep winning the demo vote on Vic Galloway’s show on BBC Radio Scotland. They have also recorded a Beatbreakers interview for Jim Gellatly’s show on Beat 106 and a session for Subcity radio. They have also received airplay in the U.S. from several internet based radio stations. The band have released a single on Glasgow label Podboy Records and have just released their debut album "Always is never the same" on Casket/Copro Records in the U.K. They will be heading out on a full UK tour with Fu Manchu in May/June 2007.

Reviews for debut album "Always is never the same" -

"Assured post-grunge collection that matches the seductive melodic maturity of prime Foo Fighters with the dramatic dynamism of full-tilt Placebo, 7/10" - Classic Rock Magazine

"An awesome piece of homegrown alternative rock....these guys are gonna be huge, 12/13" -

"This is extremely good stuff.....a debut release to be very proud of, very proud of indeed, 4/5" -

"There is an awesome selection of songs on offer here....what a glorious treat it is!....definitely a band to watch out for" - Powerplay magazine

"This could be album of the HAVE to buy this album" - Dead Earnest

"Raw yet polished, a combination that’s struck upon about as regularly as a new diamond mine in the Lake District, but when it happens, it means good things. DCR have struck it and they’ve now got plenty of gems in their repertoire" - Subba Cultcha

'Highly infectious' - Black Velvet

"This album will appeal to a surprising amount of people, with very different musical tastes....theres a lot of quality here" - One louder Radio UK

Other reviews -

“Their “what’s my pill?”ep contains some of their strongest material to date”- XFM Scotland

“Searing guitar riffs meet fantastic high altitude vocal lines and it’s all gloriously cranked up to 11”- Re:union Magazine

“If anthemic rock is your cup of tea then they may just be your can of cherry coke”- Greater Glasgow Music Magazine

“Like Bauhaus duelling with Nirvana…they clearly have the potential to hone their sound into the righteous rock monster it is so clearly destined to be”- Daily Record

“Judging by their most recent ep “What’s my pill?” it won’t be long before they climb to the top of the musical ladder, 4/5”- Sunday Mail

“Unreconstructed pre-rock riff-laden mayhem…it’s definitely rock and roll, 3/5”- The List

“Grungey vocals guaranteed to make your spine tingle.…a pleasure to listen to, “What’s my pill?” hints at far, far more brilliance to be offered from this Scottish 4-piece, 9/10” –

“Wild and energetic….brilliantly addictive, 12/13” –

“One of the bands who are making a good name for the Glasgow music scene” –

“A band that, live, will knock your boots off” – Lick Magazine

“Go see them live, and don’t be surprised if you hear “What’s my pill?” on your radio sometime soon” – Glasgow


Coming Down - EP

What's my pill? - EP

Always is never the same - Album

Set List

Pass it on
Whiskey summer junkie
Say nothing
Bridge jumping
Somrthing's got to give
Car crash
What's my pill?

We also sometimes cover -

Ever fallen in love... by The Buzzcocks
White riot by The Clash