Deadcity Serpents

Deadcity Serpents


Deadcity Serpents are a "fuckrock" band with classic rock'n'roll and post-punk influences, paying homage and re-paving streets with mind altering and fearfully distorted guitar and bass. A pounding and thundering skid mark on the underwear of society.


A streetlight cast a dim shadow. Nearby, a burned-down building smouldered. In the distance, the sounds of ten footsteps trailed the sounds of two. There was violence, there was despair, there was struggle. Men and women were not men and women – they were factions, they were gangs. They made friends and enemies, corpses and cadavers, but most important – music. In the Dead City, music was sacred. Through the turmoil that was daily life, it was the music that kept on playing. And music so revered by many, was sought after by every faction in the Dead City. Men killed for it, men sold their souls for it. But there to meet evil head-on were four men. With bats and chains, pipes and knuckles, these four men protected the music from the onslaught of rival factions. These four men were The Serpents.

Their knuckles were rocks. They have been to hell and back; all to protect the music. Their battle-cry is the sound of knives shooting in the air. Separate, they possess a singular power, but together -- they are invincible.

Tonight, there’s going to be a rumble. Word has got out that all the gangs south of the railway are gathering arms for an attack. For this one night, there aren’t a dozen gangs; there are only two. For this one night, it’s The Serpents and everyone else.

Nothing new, they all thought.

At their hideout, each one of the men began their preparations. If they were going live through the night, they needed to be ready. Relent is something they do not expect. A fresh bottle of tequila circled around the men as they tightened their boots and readied their weapons. They were ready to protect what was theirs, what was sacred.

The men filed out of their cave and headed down an alleyway. Not one word was said as their boots thumped on the pavement in unison. Necks were stretched, muscles were loosened and knuckles were cracked. Around the corner was an abandoned schoolyard; around the corner was their fate. The four men crossed the street and entered the schoolyard. They walked across the yard to a small playground and climbed up on a jungle gym which overlooked a distant hill. A cigarette was lit and passed around to each man as they calmly waited.

Across the park on the distant hill, a large shadow emerged. Brandishing pipes, bats, knives and swords, factions of men rounded the top of the hill and approached the playground. Every gang south of the railway was there.

The four men on the jungle gym slowly climbed down and began to meet their enemies head-on. A large clang of flesh and steel was heard as the two groups exploded into carnage. The violence continued, blood was drawn and lives were lost. But through the mayhem, one thing remained; one thing that started this whole mess. The music – through it all – kept on playing.


Zombie Threat EP - 2006

Set List

Lifetime Crime
Zombie Threat
Chevrolet Chapel O' Love
P.F.M. (Perfect F*cking Me)
Speed Kills
Comin' C'mon
Rock Lock
Loud Is The New Black
Always Suicide

- occasional covers -
"Psycho" by The Sonics
"Brand New Cadillac" by The Clash