Dead Copycats

Dead Copycats

 New York City, New York, USA

Pop-rock with the momentum and elegance. You'll see the beauty coming at you and feel powerless to stop it. The lyrics are about change and progress and momentum, while the music pushing everything forward as if it were a wave propelling a surfer in the sun.

Band Press

Vocal Powerhouse –

Dead Copycats offer up a strong debut with great pop sensibility and forebears in classic Blues based Rock N Roll. A tight, supple band backs up powerhouse vocalist Jessica Braun [who] has the sort of voice that can rise above the maelstrom of guitar, bass and drums in the noisiest club and be heard...

Featured Artist –

On their self-titled debut [the Dead Copycats] put together a forceful and emotive statement ... Jessica is dripping with sexy overtones and feeling on every song ... while the band behind her takes the nod and supports her at every twist and turn that the lyrics have to offer.

Artist Spotlight –

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