Dead Copycats

Dead Copycats

 New York City, New York, USA

Pop-rock with the momentum and elegance. You'll see the beauty coming at you and feel powerless to stop it. The lyrics are about change and progress and momentum, while the music pushing everything forward as if it were a wave propelling a surfer in the sun.


When Jessica and Will found one another in 2006, there was a palpable sense of excitement. They knew they had started out on a creative journey that happens maybe once in a lifetime. New material emerged almost immediately and they discovered that they could show each other something once and never need to explain it again. Things just worked. Finding the right rhythm section wasn't easy, but when Webster and Foote joined in late 2007, the lineup was complete and the gigs began in earnest. At the end of each show they were met with enthusiastic praise from both audience members and the venue. With their confidence high, they went into Galuminum Foil Studios to record what would become the band's self-titled debut.

There were a couple of "rules" laid down at the start of recording: Everything would be tracked live using only the four instruments they played live. The goal was to recreate the experience of sitting in a room with four exceptional performers playing the music they loved.

The trend in popular music of lat has been the use of post-processing and effects to enhance otherwise lackluster material and performances. But ultimately its "garbage in, garbage out". This album would be different.

The band's name is derived from a Charles Mingus quote (around which he composed a piece in 1959), and though the Dead Copycats' music is primarily modern rock, their influences range from Charlie Parker to The Smiths to Sarah Vaughn to Radiohead. A sound engineer at a venue last year said of their music: "It's as if Elvis Costello wrote songs for a band with Jimmy Page and Debbie Harry". The band would describe it simply as what they like to hear.

"If Charlie Parker were a gunslinger, there'd be a whole lotta dead copycats" - Charles Mingus



Written By: Dead Copycats

I want to talk to you about something you said.

Three days its been stuck in my head.

And I'm not sure if I've got the moment right,

But I know that you love me so I'll give it a try.

Remember when our hearts were full

Laid out beneath the warm dawn sky.

You said that I could drink my fill,

And you'd never take it away.

Well I'm here now,

And I can tell that you don't trust me.

But if you've ever loved me.

Please don't take it away.

Forgive me.
Forgive me.

If you've ever loved me.

Please don't take it away...

Fork in the Road

Written By: Dead Copycats

The flask, the gun and the cold hard stare.

I've never been so scared in my life.

I've known him seven years so its no big shock,

But there's something bout the look in his eyes.

We came from very different places with all the same rules,

Hating all the roles that we played.

Now he's saying that he's leaving and I should know why,

But when I say I don't...

He screams,

Liar, your a liar

You're just shining me on,

Seems the devil's taken all of your grace.

You love me don't deny it cause I'm not in the mood

And the truth is written right on your face.

He sighed and breathed in a long full drink,

Then just leaned on the window and stared.

My mind started running but my heart stood still;

Heavy with the weight of his pain.

It was the city that had ripped us from the bosom of home

Both thinking we had something to say.

But now we're both dead silent and he's starting to cry.

And when I beg him don't...

He screams

Quiet, just be quiet you've got nothing to say,

These tears are wisdom you'll never know.

You didn't read the signs at the fork in the road,

Now your lost, and I'm all alone.

He walked with the gun into the coal pitch light

Shining darkly from the corner of the room.

The light from his eyes showed his way for a bit,

Til he closed them had a drink and then said...

It was the way you saw the world as this win win game,

You never seemed to lose when they won.

But now I've lost too much and there's nothing left to gain,

So I'm cashing in.

Please don't please don't give up the game,

I've lost more than you'll ever know.

I couldn't bare the burden of this life alone,

I need your love,

Please don't go.

That Kind of Hate

Written By: Dead Copycats

That kind of hate will be the start of the end of you

Thing about hate it that it leaves you in pain.

Thing about love is that it takes all the pain away.

If you forgive and let it go on its way.

I don't deny you've suffered plenty and painfully.

I won't claim that you've got nothing to say.

But if you hold it in your heart much longer now,

It will destroy you sure and night eats the day.

It is the hardest thing that anyone has to do,

But it's the only rule we've got to obey.

Love your neighbor love yourself.

To love your neighbor love yourself.

To love your neighbor's to love yourself.

Love your neighbor love yourself.

It is the hardest thing you'll find that you've got to do.

But it's the only thing you'll need in the end....


Written By: Dead Copycats

All that matters is staying alive.
I've seen things you'd never believe.
Listen up and I'll help you along.
Just keep in mind, I get mine.

Here's a tip for getting ahead.
The weak are scared and keep to themselves.
Take advantage whenever you want.
Just move fast...and smile.

And don't...touch...mine.
I'll take it back and I'll hurt you,
And leave you to die.
It's not pretty and I don't like it,
but that's the world.
Look on the bright side,
at least you're not her.

She'll be clueless the rest of her life.
Sad and lonely and wondering why.
But you've got something she'll never conceive,
The will to take what you need.

Just don't...touch...mine.
Do what I tell you and you'll come out fine.
It's not pretty and you might not like it,
But that's the world.
Just remember the bright side,
At least you're not her...

Come Back

Written By: Dead Copycats

It's been so long since you've been gone

I almost lost hope and moved along.

But I waited here as long as I could
I knew you surely would

Come back

Baby I was wrong to have
Let you leave
Why'd you leave

Come Back

I'm down here on my knees
with the tears falling on the floor

My love
Come back


I need you now more than I ever did
I'm broke down and can't keep it hid

So bring me that good good love
I really need it
You've got to

Come back

I know now that I hurt you
And I'm sorry
I can fix it
If you'd just baby please

Come back

I'll give you all I've got
then more and more and more and more

My love
Come back


My love
Come back


Written By: Dead Copycats

You said wherever we go, the whole time, I was the only one in the room.
You said you'd never forget, that since we met, your whole life has changed.


Why make me feel this way (repeat)

Cause now wherever we are, night or day, I'm not even in the room.
And I'm beginning to get, that since we met, my whole life has changed.


I won't feel this way (repeat)
No More...

I don't feel that way (repeat)

I hope you live to regret, every day, that I'm the room.
Cause I'll never forget, that since I left, my whole life...changed.

Who Knows

Written By: Dead Copycats

Why would you tell him that you love him when you don't

Why would you keep it up when both of us know its a joke,

This is the kind of thing you wouldn't wish on even an enemy

And now you're saying "Please please baby stay with me"

You've given all you can to please the man

Now its time to help yourself while you still can

Take back your heart and hit the road

And please stop asking why....

Who knows

It's the last thing you should be worried about now

Who cares

There was nothing you could have ever done about it

I know

You don't feel alive when you're living without it

But hey,

I guess you've gotta learn and now you know,

Love's just the kind of thing that sometimes fades away

But you're stubborn and you're keeping up hope

Something bout him that just won't let you let him go

Maybe someday he'll become the kind of man you want him to

You'll just have to wait it out, suffer and make it through

But you've done everything you can to change the man,

Now it's time to change your life while you still can,

Get out the door and hit the road,

Don't worry if he sees you cry...

Who cares

He's not the one you should be worried about now

I know

He won't feel alive when he's living without it

But hey,

Maybe he could use a few lonely tears now

Who knows,

He's gotta walk the road even on his own,

Maybe real love's just a few more steps away


Who cares

He's not the one you should be worried about now

I know

You won't feel alive when you're living without it

And hey

Maybe you could use a few lonely tears now

Who knows

You've gotta walk the road even on your own

Maybe real love's just a few more steps away

Away From Me

Written By: Dead Copycats

You warmed me up
And you turned me on
You made me believe
That I wasn’t alone

We’ve been living a life
And it’s taking its toll
I’ve given all I have to give
But I’m holding on

Cuz I got Soul
And I got a Song
So take what you want away from me

When you came around
I thought it was love
Turned upside down
By my emotions

You start your little games
and you call me names
But you’re just a child
And I’ll be alright

Cuz I got Soul
And I got a Song
So take what you want away from me

No stars tonight -- Just city lights
Feeling -- safe outside
You can steal my pride -- You can waste my time
You can tell me lies -- But I’ll be just fine

I’m feeling so tired
Stairs are too high to climb
It’s 4 am
And I’ve been out since 5

I been working on things
Yeah you know what I mean
Now I finally understand
That I’m ready to leave

Cuz I got Soul
And I got a Song
So take what you want away from me


Written By: Dead Copycats

He’s leaving for the sunshine state
Wants to start a new life in a new place
Says he needs to leave what’s old behind
Oooh what a thing to do
To pick up, clear out, and start anew
But he’s leaving me
And I’m losing my mind
Came by
And took away what’s mine

This city can take its toll
Steal your money and cool your soul
Can get you nowhere even when you’ve been trying
But this is where I live my dream
It’s the place I’ve always seen myself

I want him to live his life, although I’m crying
Came by
And took away what’s mine
He said we’d always be together
But he’s leaving me for better weather

Bluer skies and a life less hard
Our love was strong and now I’m caught off guard
Maybe I should go – I should believe
But a woman can’t be that naive
Been working for my own dream

I can’t go and leave everything
There’s nothing holding him down
Nothing tying him back
And now ever since the sun took him

My whole world’s gone black
Came by

And took away what’s mine


March 2009 - Dead Copycats (self titled)

Set List

Who Knows
Away From Me
Fork in the Road
Come Back
Since I've Been Loving You
That Kind of Hate

Set is anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on situation.