Dead Culture Society

Dead Culture Society

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Dead Culture Society is a 4 piece rock/metal band from Ottawa, Canada. Our music is a unique blend of metal, goth, and rock that features simple, catchy guitar riffs layered with emotive melodies and well-placed harmonies, both on guitar and vocals, with aggressive, in-the-pocket grooves on drums.


The concept behind Dead Culture Society was spawned in late 2008 when song-writing duo Paul Champagne and Kevin Church began the writing process for a new musical direction that would provide them with the opportunity to create something new and unique to satisfy the expression of musical creativity that had been lurking in their hearts for years, yearning to be set free. Previously working together in the black/death metal band Gévaudan, the duo would now draw upon influences such as To/Die/For, Pain, Poisonblack, 69 Eyes, Sisters of Mercy, among many others including classic 80’s metal like Iron Maiden and Mötley Crüe.

In early 2009, the duo looked to put a live band together and called upon drummer Mike Berrigan, also formerly of Gévaudan and The Colour Surround (among others) to join them. A steady influence on the rhythm section of the group, he brought new musical elements and a great ear for melody and lyrics to the band with his background in jazz and alternative genres.

With a formidable core lineup comprised of multi-instrumentalists, the band entered Soundcreation Studio in August of 2009 to begin work on a full-length album, despite having no bassist. However, this was not an issue, since Champagne is also a solid and creative bassist (previously playing in Exciter and Gévaudan) who went on to record not only the bass parts but all lead guitars, splitting rhythm duties with Kevin over several tracks, as well. With limited time, resources, full-time jobs and personal lives to deal with, the band pushed forward through 2010 and into early 2011 making steady progress on the album all along the way.

After a lengthy search fraught with many disappointing auditions for an accomplished bass player, Dan Chartrand joined the group in mid-2010, rounding out the rhythm section. Dan, also influenced by many of the same bands and genres as the other members, brings solid, tasteful bass-playing and a great singing voice to help fill-out the bands’ live sound on backing vocals and the collaborative attitude the band has been looking for.

Finally, in late winter of 2012, the album reached it zenith with 12 tracks recorded, mixed and finalized by the band and producer, Scott Walsh. After careful deliberation, the band decided on the title “Life Dies Before Us” – a double entendre based on the band’s name, the imagery of their imaginative cover art and the lyrical themes of the many great songs that appear on the album. The album was professionally mastered by David Cain in the Spring of 2012 and was released independently by the band with an online store front and an agreement with iTunes. The band is also pursuing agreements with several other prominent online resources.

In 2014, Paul decided to leave the band to focus on other musical endeavours, and so began the search for a new lead guitarist. After two months of searching, the band found Arnold Eigger, a guitarist hailing from Europe, with a great deal of songwriting and performance experience here in Canada and abroad – a talented musician with a great stage presence. Thus began DCS MK II. With a new lineup in tow, the band had already entered Pebble Studios in the summer of 2014 to begin work on a new EP as a trio, with Kevin handling all guitar duties. The band finished the recording process in record time. The band released the first single off of that EP, Black Nailz (And Death’s Perfume) alongside a self-directed and shot music video.

Watch for the new songs to be released in the very near future, and for the guys to hit the stage with a renewed sense of energy and focus!


2012 - Life Dies Before Us

2015 - Dark Days of Delusion EP

Set List

1 - Midnite Narcosis
2 - Wine for Your Sorrows
3 - Black Nailz (and Death's Perfume)
4 - Mirror's Collapse
5 - Hollow Remains
6 - A Dead Heart's Reflection
7 - Highway Serenade
8 - Interlude
9 - Suicide Lullabye
10 - Thy Servant
11 - Sweet Lilith

Total time: 45 minutes