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"Harmony Chosen as a HIT PICK"

Debuting their raw, rock sound at radio this week are Brisbane Rockers Dead Day Sun with Harmony, an instantly memorable slice of contemporary rock perfection. NA2R showcase performers, Dead Day Sun have been doing the rounds both around the country and internationally, picking up enthusiastic support at every turn and supporting some massive bands along the way such as Kiss and Incubus. Possibly Australia's answer to commercial rock favourites Soundgarden and Creed (and not afraid to show it) the boys incorporate what they love from some of the world's best rock outfits, infusing a healthy dose of melody into gritty vocals, crunching guitars and some serious rock riffs. Find some Harmony with your CR Listeners.
- The Music Network

"Bec Stafford EP Review"

This 6 track self-titled ep from Dead Day Sun is well worth a spin. The band line-up includes Darren Schadel on vocals and guitars, Alan Stephen on bass and drums and percussion by Phillip Lew. This 3 piece Aussie band have been around for longer than you might suspect. Discovered on the pub circuit, the band was known until recently as "Ginger" (ring a bell?) and cut their teeth with indie rock release "Nothing Changes". Since then, much has changed for the talented trio, who have left our shores to pursue their almost certain success in the U.S. Though recorded here in Brisvegas, this release was produced in the States by the esteemed Marc Swersky (Joe Cocker, Brilliant Trees, Falling Skyward) and co-mixed with Manowar's legendary bassist Joey DeMaio. Frontman and writer Darren Schadel cites influences as varied as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, U2 and Sting. Musically, Dead Day Sun fit in somewhere in the mainstream rock vein that includes the likes of Creed, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and the Stone Temple Pilots. It's understandable, then that the band would be attempting to break into the lucrative American music scene at this stage of their development. Everything about this production is spot-on and of a consistently high quality. Gritty guitars, tight percussion and Schadel's dynamic and powerful rock vocals combine to produce a most accessible high-end top 40 rock quality. The first 3 tracks "Harmony", "Precious" and "Still" shine with hit-bound melodies and sing-along choruses. Having said that, every track on this ep has something to offer. The songwriting combo of Schadel and Swersky showcases some real talent for crafting catchy, punchy rock songs. Despite their mainstream appeal, the songs are gutsy and edgy enough to avoid becoming stereotypical of their genre. At just over 22 minutes in total album time, the songs are a perfect fit for radio play. There's no wasted space and no over-indulgent additions of any kind. You may enjoy it for Schadel's powerful vocal delivery, for the Seattle-inspired good-time guitar riffs or for the superbly-crafted rock melodies. Whatever the case, give it a listen. It's an absolute cracker.


"Album Review 4/10/06"


Bless The Brooding Heart (MGM)

If proof was needed that the Queensland music industry is stronger than ever, examine exhibit one: local independent rockers Dead Day Sun. The five-piece hail from suburban Sunnybank, but boast a truly international sound, and after diligently building their profile, this polished rock album should thrust them into the national (and international) limelight.

From the title track opener to the Pearl Jam-esque ballad ‘The War’, the ten tracks on Bless The Brooding Heart are world-class, which is hardly surprising given the input of producer Marc Swersky (Hilary Duff) and engineer Leon Zervos (INXS, Maroon 5), who mastered the album.

Think early Soundgarden mixed with a more macho Matchbox 20 where infectious hooks abound: ‘Harmony’, ‘Still’ and ‘Ordinary Life’ have already garnered a stack of FM radio airplay Australia-wide, and the booming sounds of ‘Truth Kills’ and ballsy rocker ‘Sunshine’ should follow suit.

Bless The Brooding Heart is an astounding album for an independent act, with enough songwriting smarts, tight playing and catchy tunes to bring the major labels (and fans) a-calling.

(Matt Connors)

**** 4/5 Stars

- Time Off Magazine Brisbane

"Pär Winberg Album Review 3/10/06"

Dead Day Sun is a four piece rock-act from Brisbane Australia. They play a classic sort of modern rock in the same vein as Kane, Audioslave and Nickelback with a spice of both classic rock ('n'roll) and even U2's sort of arenarock on a few tracks.
It's a very cool mix and they're doing it really fine and the songwriting is solid as a rock. Tunes like the rocker "Harmony" (first single), the little softer "Still", the fat rocker "Sunshine" another" and the more classic rocker "Ordinary Life" makes this album a sure check out for all us modern rockers out there. Impressing stuff that you need to check out right away.

"Album Review 03/12/2006"

There really is nothing that can compare to pure unadulterated rock. ‘Bless The Brooding Heart’, the debut album from Brisbane band Dead Day Sun, is a shining example of great Aussie rock. I can honestly say with no hint of a lie that they are just as good, if not better, than any of the current mainstream rockers sharing space on our charts. When listening to their music you feel as though they are channelling the likes of Pearl Jam, Matchbox 20 or Nickleback, but there is also an originality to their sound, just enough to set them apart. This is in large part due to the great vocals provided by lead singer Darren Schadel, whose ability to mix harmony and grit is up there with the best of them. However, a band is a sum of parts and is never just a showcase of one person’s talent. As a unit the band deliver some excellent tracks including the weighty rock ballad ‘The War’. Other standouts include ‘Desire’, and ‘Aimee’, the latter of which will have you saying, ‘I know it’s rock, but I’m gonna dance anyway!’ I think it’s safe to say that with the right amount of exposure in the right places, Dead Day Sun should not only filter into the charts but should conquer them as well. With their second single ‘Still’, becoming the 6th most added track to Australian radio, perhaps the invasion has already begun.
- Mediasearch..Music,Film and Fashion Australia

"Single Review for Still"

The huge sound of this single belies the fact that this is a little indie band from Brisbane. the fact that they've been able to secure the services of American producer and songwriter Marc Swersky and recorded it both in Brisbane and New Jersey suggests that there are some more powerful ears than mine taking notice of Dead Day Sun, who probably fit in there somewhere between Stone Temple Pilots, Matchbox 20 and Nickelback. Singer Darren Schadel certainly has enough of the classic rock growl and on the last track Sunshine, guitarist Cass McMahon show's he's got the chops. the logical next step is to live the dream in LA

- Drum Magazine 16/05/2006

"Album Review 30/10/2006"

Dead Day Sun

Bless The Brooding Heart (MGM)

Rock ‘n’ roll, despite being the thing that makes eighty percent of us get up in the mornings, can be a cruel sidekick. For instance, it’s highly likely that Brisbane quintet Dead Day Sun, the progenitors of the marvellous “BTBH” will disappear without trace eventually, having received not one tenth of the plaudits they deserve for releasing such a marvellous elpee, whilst the usual suspects move around unhindered save for the amount of gak up their noses and the sheer weight of sovs in their Gucci wallets. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? Listen, mateys, this is classic rock, and you need it now. Whether it be the spanking power pop of the title track, the steaming Soundgarden soundscapery of ‘Sunshine’ or the fantastic, U2-without-the-arse-clenching-pomposity of ‘Ordinary Day’, this band, and this record, are holding all the aces. Stunning.


- BMA Canberra

"Album Review 8/11/2006"


REVIEW: Jason Round

There is a lot of great rock around Australia, and we ain’t talkin’ about something you walk over or stick up your nose. In that sense, it takes a lot to stand out, something that five-piece independent rockers Dead Day Sun manage to do with ease.
You could describe their sound as a little Creed-ish with maybe a coating of Pearl Jam, but thankfully the band manages to dodge pass rock stereotypes to deliver a 10-tracker full of guts and raw musicianship.
Certainly, the level of mastering and production has picked up substantially from previous offerings, no doubt thanks to the deft hand of industry legend Leon Zervos (Maroon 5).
Our pick of the album goes to the rock ballad The War and the new single Truth Kills, which managed to get more than a head or two bopping along here. As QLD winners of the Coke Live and Local comp this year, I think we’re going to see a lot more of Dead Day Sun in the future. We say, bring it on.

- Hot 4's and Performance Magazine

"Album Review 06/11/2006"


Although an independent band, this Australian rockband has released a very impressive major label sounding rockalbum. It sounds modern, different than for example WOLFMOTHER, but on the other hand not far away from a band like THE ANSWER, which means big groovy Hardrock, yet with vocalwork that goes more into classic U2 territory. There are 10 songs on the CD and especially uptempo rockers like “Bless the brooding heart”, “Truth kills” and “Aimee” make this such an interesting record. Another great rockband from Australia to check out, more info at: and

(Points: 8.2 out of 10)

Strutter Magazine Holland

- Strutter Magazine Holland

"Try Whistling This - Live Review -"

Even though Dead Day Sun frontman Darren Schadel apologised a few times for playing the predictable songs, they performed a flawless set. Sometimes the more well known songs can be more difficult to cover but the crowd, myself included, definately enjoyed this set. This band is flawless with amazing vocals, which can sometimes make or break a band as well as a tight and professional manner. Finally a band that got the crowd dancing and participating especially during Don’t Dream It’s Over. It may have been a covers night but it is suprising that this band isn’t bigger considering their performance tonight.



February 2006 - Debut Single Harmony Also featuring the tracks Ordinary Life and Sunshine

April 2006 - Second Single Still - 6th Most added song to Australian Radio - Debuted at #14 on the Australian Independent Artist Charts

September 2006 - Debut Album Bless the Brooding Heart featuring the new single Truth Kills released

3rd Quarter 2008 - 2nd Album entitled "Desire and Hope" to be released. Mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers,Bloc Party) and mastered by Leon Zervos (Maroon 5)


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