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North Hollywood, California, United States | SELF

North Hollywood, California, United States | SELF
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"DEAD END AMELIA “The Point Of No Return” CD Review By: Macavity"

The newest EP of this dynamic band is one that fascinates the mind and delights the ears! From start to finish the band places you in enchantment as you listen to a wide variety of sounds that come together perfectly. They don’t fit into any genre tag as they incorporate melodic rock, pop, metal and even a small bit of industrial into their music. It is that combination that makes Dead End Amelia a band that owns its own inimitable sound and genre.

“Let Me Know” is a classic example of how the band places all the writing and then the different influences together for a stunning tune. Just enough of each element makes the band completely unique from other bands. “Defmetiria” takes the band into more of the metal edge that the band is also known to do with a great artistic flair. “Behold, The Liar” whose lyrics produced the EP name is a standout for the interesting chord changes and variations of tempo and just the raw emotions that comes out in both the music and vocals. A close second is “Change” for the way the vocals and music take on a sultry and dark edginess that is outstanding to listen to and also shows that raw emotion incredibly well.

There is not a throw away tune on this EP and Dead End Amelia can best be described as a passionate artistic group that puts out stellar music that entices you to listen to every song they work on. They have come to a “point of no return” by setting the bar higher with this new EP that is even better than the prior offering. Get your hands on this disc and have a listen for yourself to a tight, thoughtful and very talented band with music that must be heard! - Muen Magazine

"Dead End Amelia cover Change (In the House of Flies)"

If you're an old-school Deftones fan you may want to check out Dead End Amelia's take on the Change (In the House of Flies), which is streaming on Soundcloud.

The Californian band's take on the song features female vocals courtesy of frontwoman Krista Lee, who has an interesting take on Chino Moreno's tortured vocal performance.


Here is a dose of Americana to wake up your soul by a band who hail from California. Fronted by Krista Lee, I admit to having a soft spot for this type of music. I believe it used to be called 'Modern Rock', but it is certainly modern with bucket loads of melody. I suppose we could call it 'Alternative Hard Rock' or indeed 'Art-Rock', but whatever, it is good. The trippy mid paced 'Satellite' kicks the cd off, and I suppose this track follows the 'Art-Rock' path. Bloomin' good actually! Next up 'Let Me Know' treads Paramore territory, while 'Beautiful Thing' slows it down slightly and to my ears is a sure single, screaming radio airplay in the process. 'Defmetiria' almost has an In This Moment feel to it, while 'Behold The Liar' is a catchy number. 'Fly' adopts the quiet verse/loud chorus formula, with closer 'Change (In The House Of Flies)' being an awesome Deftones cover. DEA (click here) is worth checking out for the Alternative Rock fan amongst us. Recommended..8.5/10 (Dave) - Ravenheart Music

"COVERED: DEAD END AMELIA takes on DEFTONES "Change (In the House of Flies)""

It's no secret that I dig sharing some cool cover songs with all of you here at Kik Axe Music™, and tonight I have one that literally landed in my lap just a few hours ago. When our West Coast Operative Pam Koller told me that she was heading out to The Mountain Bar in Los Angeles' Chinatown District to check out a band called DEAD END AMELIA, I figured it was worth checking them out online from Kik Axe HQ in Illinois. Well, not only does the Studio City band have some solid originals, but they also do a cover of the DEFTONES classic Change (In the House of Flies) with female vocals. Hear the song below, then share your thoughts on the matter... - Kickaxe Music


"The Sound of Awakening" LP 2012
(Single - "Better Off This Way")

"There's a Bright Side to All of This" EP 2010
(Single - "Stranger In My Home")

"The Point of No Return" EP 2011
(Single - "Satellite")

Both are on rotation on internet radio, and both videos are pending rotation on Havoc TV.



Singer-Songwriters Dean Dichoso (Guitar/Vocals/Programming) and Krista Lee (Vocals/Guitar) met at the end of the 2008 summer. Armed with a penchant for 90's turn-of-the-era rock, dark, pensive and experimental music, scotch, and timeless songs, they needed to tell a few stories of their own. Both writing music and penning lyrics, they started an alternative/hard-rock band that year and called it Dead End Amelia. They assembled their cast for this live band several times over the years until the dust settled and long-time friends William Dorsey (Drums), and Diego Ruelas (Bass) joined the project.

Dead End Amelia's music may be described as "Art-Rock," most likely due to the band's hard rock, metallic sound with progressive ventures into ambient, even urbanesque trip-hop and alternative-indie sounds. DEA has released two EP's to date, There's a Bright Side to All of This (2010), and The Point of No Return (2011) and a full length album The Sound of Awakening (2012).

The band is steadily attracting the hearts of new fans due to their prolific release of new media materials such as high-quality rehearsal videos, and new music at a quick pace between larger releases. DEA has performed to an ever-growing audience that has resulted in sold out performances in their local Los Angeles scene. The band is road-hardened and will be playing across the US in support of the debut album The Sound of Awakening.

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