Dead End Armory

Dead End Armory


Neil Young meets The Pixies.


Formed in October of 2005 in Portland, Maine, Dead End Armory has quickly built a dedicated fan base throughout northern New England, and has established themselves as a dynamic creative force in the Northeast independent music scene. With the simple ingenuity of bands like Built To Spill, Modest Mouse, and the Pixies to name a few, the band brings a fresh, raw approach to their music.

Dead End Armory creates epic tragedies out of their songs - from the dark dreamlike quality of Wesley Hartley's vocals and lyrics, to the subtle and haunting musical spaces in between lines, to a frenzied finale. Yet this music is far from depressing. Hartley's lyrics are vivid and fantastic tales about people and animals and things that we all know, that we can all identify with, some finding redemption, some finding doom. His creaky Texan voice beseeches the listener to pay attention, and then leaves them with more questions.

With regularly occurring performances at storied venues like The Middle East Club in Boston and The Space Gallery in Portland, DEA is quickly commanding attention as a live band that puts on hugely entertaining shows. Their 2nd EP, Trailer Park Nightmares, due out in March of 2007, shows a band that has just started scratching the depths of their creativity. The EP was recorded live in the studio, with all the songs being first takes.


Self-titled debut EP - released in August 2006.
"Trailer Park Nightmares" (EP) - April 2007.

Set List

Typical set list runs 45 minutes to an hour. No Covers.