dead end cadets

dead end cadets


up beat 80's early 90's sound. you can definately hear different influences.


The band started with Julian and Rick, who had played in a previous band "My Hero", meeting Pepper years later. Julian invited Pepper, who worked together at the time, for a practice session where they learned they all shared similar musical interests. The Dead End Cadets have been playing together going on five years, surviving through linup changes, and personal hardships that halted the band. Newly reformed as a trio, the bands sound has matured while still keeping catchy hooks they have been known for. as far as influences we each have different taste in music but somewhat influences include,pavement,built to spill,bee gees,disco,ween,kings of leon,superdrag,pixies,basically new wave, classic rock and a bunch of catchy stuff.


12 song rough draft demo, and 5 song mastered demo titled "Do's & Don'ts"

Set List

Typical play time in local shows is usually 30-45 minutes. We try to keep our set list interesting, incorporating intros and outros, usually made prior to the show.we haved 14 original songs and working on 4 more.