Dead End Girl

Dead End Girl


Dead End Girl shows no limit in their writing style. Their passion for music is expressed through their energetic performances, which hold a potential that is impossible to dismiss!


With their first EP in the process of being recorded, due out in November 2008, Dead End Girl is taking the local music scene by storm!

In late 2006, they took on their first show ever at a battle of the bands competition, placing 1st, and have never looked back. Winning their next competition, they proceeded to dominate 2007 by gaining a small fan base and opening for such acts as Rumsfield, R.O.A and Futures Past.

The beginning of '08 started just as well as '07 ended. The first show of the new year was for Jagermeister, where valuable criticism was provided by industry executives.

That led to an eventual 2nd place finish in the Emergenza Music Festival's Ontario finals in June, which helped them receive radio airplay. The best drummer award was taken by our very own, Philip Landry.

Following the hard fought battle, Dead End Girl then opened for Kris Roe from The Ataris in July, in front of a packed house at the famous Kathedral, in Toronto.

With a new EP coming out and a March mini tour taking the band to Montreal and Ottawa in 2009, Dead End Girl look to steam roll through the next year, and meet all the great fans along the way.

Three guys and a girl creating music, playing it loud, and making sure that when you see them work the stage you would want them to repeat the performance!


Starcrossed Lover

Written By: Dead End Girl

Some how everything has fallen into place around us
but not enough to convince our eyes our hearts have shunned love
that won't take lift, but stays willingly to leave a mark.
Its drilled in my head, if I follow you, we'll fall apart.

Why did we even try to pretend, I'm racing a distance that I can't win. I've fallen victim to your kiss a blinded bliss I suit to treasure.
oh, and now our situation burned down to flames, left us alone to disintegrate. How convenient we met, the perfect set, so rushed to forfeit.

Just shake, shake it off, let it go,all the shame you kept inside.
I burried myself under things that mean nothing, and sold out my heart to pay a price. So take it away, just take it away every breath I recall you took from me cause now I'm choking in memory of what isn't anymore.

Wipe the footprints off my back, cause today you don't feel so brave. And it doesen't feel the same when someone else has taken my place.
How could you lead me on then leave me burried in your heart so heavily.

Burn this City down, Straight into the ground
And leave it down, down to crumble.
Burn this City down, Straight into the ground
and leave me out, cause we just don't belong.

It doesen't matter what we say it will only come out wrong.
Any given path we take, we just don't belong.


Coming in November of 2008.

Set List

Our sets usually consist of 30 to 45 minutes, with a great mix of up-beat and mellow tunes. Every set is filled with an emotional roller coaster that can take you to where you really want to be.