Dead End Kidz

Dead End Kidz

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA
BandMetalHip Hop

If you like metal and hiphop then you've found the right band. Real hardcore metal, real hiphop, blended nicely with screams that'll shatter your ear drums! You won't be disappointed!


The Dead End Kidz is a hardcore metal and hiphop group hailing out of PG County Maryland. They combine the best influences from both genres and proceed to blast your ear drums with relentless screams, gangsta rap, hiphop, hardcore breakdowns and sick guitar riffs. D.E.K. has a unique sound that really hasn't been heard before. The concept of what they do may have been tried in the past but not like this. The metal is actually metal, and the rap his hardcore, to say the least. Their adrenaline pumping sound is currently spreading like wildfire attaining fans who self admittedly stated that they hated metal, or hated rap, but love the music they produce.

The band formed in April of 2009 after founding members Johnny End and Sonny Cyonide talked about the idea in December of the previous year. Even with just a few members starting out it was quickly realized what they had and the potential of the music they could produce, seeing this other talented musicians were quickly involved with the project. Now consisting of seven members; each person bringing years of experience from their respectful musical backgrounds, they are a force to be reckoned with. Being metal or hiphop, no one is new to this scene. Now looking to book more shows up and down the east coast D.E.K. is looking into venues outside of their home state of Maryland.

Hope you like mosh pits, you'll be hearing from these guys soon.

Set List

We usually do a seven to eight song set. About 35min.

-With the Razor
-Tell em
-Dear Abbie
-Turn it UP
-Pop Pop
-The Dead End Committee