Dead End Moves

Dead End Moves

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA
BandRockCover Band

We are an energetic rock band with an eclectic taste in cover songs as well as a dozen original songs guaranteed to get the crowd rocking!


Dead End Moves is a rock band from Madison, WI comprised of five talented musicians with diverse musical backgrounds. It is this diversity that makes us unique as we each bring our own musical tastes to the table when we choose new cover songs (such as Barracuda by Heart to The Blind House by Porcupine Tree to One by U2). This assortment of genres that we each bring also comes out in our original songs that we write in that no song of ours truly sounds or feels the same as you listen.

The five of us have been together for nearly two years and have a (as of yet) small but devoted fan base who have followed us as we have played at several venues in Madison (such as the Annex and Reverend Jim's Roadhouse) and some from the surrounding area (like the Wisconsin Dell's Marathon).

When we play at your venue we guarantee to bring energy, excitement, and keep the crowd rocking.