Dead End Street

Dead End Street


Dead End Street is a 5-man rock and roll band from Toronto. Fans leave every show with a smile on their face, a ring in their ears and a song in their head. This entertaining band just wants to rock your socks off.


Formed in October of 2005 in Toronto, Dead End Street played their first show to 120 people just weeks after their first rehearsal.

Encouraged and inspired by the response to their music, the group's members have since written 10 original songs and played four more incredibly successful concerts in Ontario, with a busy summer planned.

The band's next show is May 12 at Sneaky Dee's in Toronto (SE corner of College and Bathurst). They were also recently awarded a spot at the coveted NXNE Festival in Toronto on the weekend of June 8-10.

The five-piece band features Matt Burt on vocals and guitar, Brian Seligman on guitar, Keith Chenier on bass, Joe Organ on keys and Kyle Bryan on drums.

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Perhaps the band's greatest strength is its versatility: Dead End Street is as melodic as it is aggressive, equally inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. The band is as technically impressive as it is soulful; as proficient as it is passionate; as much a proponent of timeless melody as outright sonic assault.

What you have here is a mosaic of sounds - the combined efforts of five self-admitted music junkies with a flair for deft songwriting. Amid a generation defined by its musical diversity, Dead End Street has managed to capture a rock and roll sound and energy that transcends musical borders, reaching the ears of listeners from every background.

After witnessing their mind boggling live show, you'll leave with a ring in your ears and a song in your head. Musically, the band dips into a vast well of creativity, while the lyrics touch a common nerve, using personal experiences to express universal truths. The combined elements of DES's musical talent, relentless drive and sheer, dumb luck make them contenders to be a major driving force in rock and roll.

Their unique blend of classic rock and modern sounds has garnered them comparisons to Foo Fighters, the Killers and the Beatles. They recently appeared in Humber College's Et Cetera newspaper and on Humber Radio 96.9FM. This up-and-coming group is young, confident, and building their momentum and already-sizeable fanbase with every passing day.

In the coming months, D.E.S. looks forward to taking their kickass rock and roll and conquering the world or, failing that, Iceland.

DES is currently selecting songs for an EP to be recorded this Spring. As soon as the EP is done, the brand spanking new tunes will be up and ready for your listening pleasure-we'll let you know!

Welcome to Dead End Street!
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all songs copyright 2006

Written By: Matt Burt, Brian Seligman, Joe Organ

all songs copyright 2006


The band is heading into the studio in mid-2006 to make a new recording.

The band has received airplay on Humber College's Humber Radio 96.9FM and will be sending out press kits to radio stations, publications and record labels all across North America following the recording of their demo in early 2006.
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Set List

Typical Setlist:

My Doorbell
I Am
Fortunate Son
Johnny B. Goode
Broken Telephone
The Weight
Silver Lining

The band's next show is at Sneaky Dee's in Toronto on May 12, 2006. They will be appearing at the NXNE Festival in June.
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