Dead Fish Handshake

Dead Fish Handshake

 East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

Songs written across state lines.
DFH is a northeast band comprised of veterans of the New Jersey & New England rock music scenes.


On the heels of the release of their sophomore EP, subsequent tour and direct support slots with Paul Rodgers and rock veterans Queensryche, 3 Doors Down & Scott Stapp, Dead Fish Handshake has returned from the studio with the first taste of new music since 2012.

Sevendust guitarist, Clint Lowery, was brought back into the fold in an effort to expand upon the sound that defined the band from 2012's effort 'The Sixes'. DFH has dialed up the intensity on their new single, "Nothing Stays Gold", on its way to rock radio. Along with "All Time Low", this new 'double' release is the first of what promises to be a series of singles delivered over the next year. New, fresh, but very much the Dead Fish Handshake sound you've come to expect from Matthew, Rob, Darren & Mark.

In a time where the industry is a far cry from what it used to be and listeners seek out a new flavor each week, DFH is locked in and set on taking their listeners for a memorable audio experience with lasting power.

All hands on deck in making the most of every opportunity.
Nothing stays gold. They know it.

"...great riffs and near perfect arrangements with hooks that you won’t be able to get out of your heads" – The Aquarian.



Written By: Matthew Paul

Disappear in the tides that pull you under
Can't out-swim all the waves of which you're covered
Now the air is gone, you're having trouble breathing
And for all that's left the sharks will start to feed again

With my hand above your head

Black water rises in silence
And loneliness let's you drown again
And when your waves become violent,
It's emptiness that fills you in the end
Like stones will sink to the bottom
It's so far down
So just wave goodbye

Blacking out, there was no resuscitation
Feared your life with such avid trepidation
And you wonder why no one is at your rescue
If they cared it was only 'cause they hate to lose

With my hand above your head

Just let the current come down and bring you far away
As you watch the river, flows on and leads you to your grave
Look around and find that there's no one left for you to fear
And my voice will be the last sound I swear you ever hear


Written By: Matthew Paul

I remember days when you were next to me.
There was nothing I couldn’t do.
‘cause you were there for me when the world had turned away and now it’s hard here without you.

And now I’m lost and my world is changing
I just cant go on this way
Time goes by and I’m still here waiting
and I don’t forget those days

And nothing’s right today and feelings start to change.
I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
Through all the damage here I always felt the same and this meant everything to me

And now I’m lost and my world is changing
I just wish you’d find your way
And now I know its my heart that’s breaking and I don’t forget those days

I was never enough.

Through all these changes, life rearranges.
It leaves me here today
Through all these changes, life rearranges.
It leaves me here to say, I miss you


Across State Lines
The Sixes

Set List

Song list consists of 35-45 minute set.