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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Top Artist Award"

Top Artist Award Winners For Best Punk/Rock Band At The 2004 New York International Music Festival - NYIMF


DEADFRETS "Wheres Your Band" 2003 LP
DEADFRETS "Jolly Ho Christmas" 2004 Single


Feeling a bit camera shy


We are a 3 piece power trio from South East Warren/Detroit, Michigan, we all grew up and attended (the days we did) High School together at Lincoln High School in Warren, where we went to school with a famous rapper (who’s name we won’t mention, but the song “Where’s Your Band” off our debut cd is written about), and also grew up just down the crick from the famous Kid Rock from Romeo, Michigan must be the only hillbilly state that you can go from the filth ridden ghetto, to the peaceful country setting (Amish people/horse/carriage/cows) and only have to drive 25 miles North from the city. So, we are stuck in the middle, we don’t know if we should wear boxer shorts, with our pants hanging off our ass, pimpin ho’s, drivin fancy cars, selling crack, writing rap songs, or if we should wear tight pants, cowboy boots, chew tabbacco, work on cars, sell weed, have a pig for a pet, a supermodel girlfriend, and live on a farm, and write country songs. We are from the Motor City, where lurks somewhere in the streets of the crime filled city, and the dirt trails of the country there is known to be a Motor City Mad Man, Ted Nugent So seeing that we’re from Detroit we have to be a metal band, so sometimes we sit in a circle on acid scratching our cats, killing animals, worshiping Satan, and attaching dead raccoon tails to our asses and jump around like satanic animals wearing suspenders and no shirts like we are ravaging beasts growing our hair by the minute eating homemade beef jerky, and selling L.S.D. to the neighborhood kids, and writing heavy metal songs. Not to far from Detroit, is another city Ann Arbor, Mi. where Bob Segar Rocked the streets back in the day, one would think that The Hard Rock Café in Detroit would have had a guitar made like his to hang up outside the building, but instead they have one made to the shape of animal boy’s guitar, for the love of rock-n-roll, how disrespectful. But that’s just one’s opinion, so some days we wanna just hang out in our Birmingham mansions, booze it up, pee against the wind, and have three hundred dollar Christmas trees delivered to our homes, hanging out at the local coffee shop in downtown, and buy alcohol for the local teenagers who recognize us, and write old time rock-n-roll songs. Detroit City the Home of Motown Records baby, conveniently located directly across the street from St. Johns hospital just incase you happen to get shot, robbed, or stabbed while your in town recording your next album, even though we have a lot of rhythm, blues, and soul, we are not a doo wop band, but maybe one day we when we’re all washed up we can have a half hour infomercial made of us recorded in the basement of Motown Records crack house wearing three piece suits trying to sell our greatest hits collection. Where Iggy Pop grew up and ran the streets, the place where Elvis lives to this day hiding in Kalamazoo eating peanut butter and banana split sandwiches, buying any kind of drug he can get off the local kids, driving around in the pink Cadillac he bought for his mom, that he put twenty four inch spinner rims and low profile tires on, trying to disguise himself, give it up Elvis, we know it’s you, the fancy rhinestone suit gives it away budy. David Bowie even found out that there’s panic in Detroit, Steve Perry the singer from Journey said he was born and raised in South Detroit, and where Alice Cooper plays guitar in a long hair rock-n-roll band, Kiss says you got to give it up to Detroit Rock City. The MC5 are also from Detroit, with their big hair doo’s, and their loud crazy music, that’s enough to want anyone to go out and join a band that is from the city of Detroit!