Dead Friend Walking

Dead Friend Walking


In your face like a drunk aunt at a barbeque,Dead Friend Walking delivers a shot to your gut that'll leave you bent over and wanting more.In a nutshell,Dead Friend Walking will bring out your inner child,then beat the crap out of it!


Dead Friend Walking formed in October of 2008.Psycholic -slag-metal meets stoner rock might be an accurate description of the mayhem that is Dead Friend Walking.Rest assured that if something has ever praised us,prodded us,or pissed us off,it has influenced us in some way, and let's not forget Jerry Springer,Cheech & Chong and our messed up legal system.There are no limits or rules to "DFW's" approach to rock and roll only air and oppurtunity.You might say we throw the notes up in the air and let them fall where they may.Dead Friend Walking is capable of pulling off an hour and a half "original" set or throwng in a few covers and playing all night.The "core" members of Dead Friend Walking have played Wichita's Riverfestival,Wheatland Jam, as well other favorite local spots.


Uncut Skin

Written By: J.Fales/S.Price

sinking ships, they dont dont last,watch the water come in too damn i breathe my last breath,i rip your claws out from of my chest. uncut skin you bleed inside,cancer grows dark and can your will blind you eyes to the other side youre just in luck cuz youre still alive now your world will turn upside down and the ones on top will come falling down.uncut skin you bleed inside cancer grows dark now can your will survive.

Black Gas

Written By: J.Fales

When the path that i'm traveling down has taken too damn long.I kind of feel like the trip I'm on is heading for wrong.It's hard to see what is waiting for me down that long road,but somethins sure to bring you some joy or at least I was told.Black as...your soul stated searching for that someone to lighten my load,the you stumbled into my life and tightened your hold we started making love to you i was sold that was before i found out how low you could go

Once Upon A Crime

Written By: J.Fales

Plaesed to meet you, come inside.when we go in the courtroom just stay by my the judge walks in the room the camera crew is here to video the loon.Come on in and make yourself at home if anything does happen we'll be on the phone.the men in blue will help you if you lose your way,they'll lock you up and you wont see the light of lawyer tells you it's alright accept the plea,but court appointed counsel wont do much for it's too late for you to pay enjoy the ride they tell 90 days just take it all in stride.pleased to meet you enjoy the ride showering with bubba's breaking down your pride.grab your tray and go with the flow but watch me move my ass when he yells roll to go!your lawyer tells you its alright accept the plea,but court appointed counsel wont do much for its too late for you to pay enjoy the ride.they tell you 90 days just take it all in stride.


Ep "The Convict Chronicles".

Set List

Our original set usually run about 60 minutes,and consist mainly of our original material.We do flirt with a handful of covers consisting of(but not limited to)Led Zeppelin,Sabbath,Alice In Chains, Mindbomb,Mad Season,Nazareth and AC/DC.