Dead Gaze

Dead Gaze

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Born and raised in Mississippi, R. Cole Furlow writes pastoral songs about his home. Drenched in reverb and clutter, his style finds roots in psyche pop, scuzzy dub, lo-fi ambient, and loud bruising grunge. noise rock, wall of sound shit gaze with ambient overtones.


1 man band on record. 3 or 4 dudes live. listening to Brian Eno and the sound of Conny Plank, Dead Gaze is the brain child of a stoner trying to make pastoral pop music deeply rooted in ambient scuzz and lo-fi shoe gaze. Even through all the noise and swirl, Dead Gaze makes pop music to the core. The recordings were made at my father's band hall in South Mississippi which seemed to be the perfect back setting for all the weirdness. When played live, the songs find a rather fun and danceable sensibility that seems absent from the serious shoe gaze bands of late. I made the recordings using minimal equipment that has long since been deemed old and crummy. From Spacemen 3 to Yabby You to Sonic Youth to Nirvana to Erik Satie. Dead Gaze is all over yet still gets stuck in your head.


1 release coming soon on Mirror Universe Tapes called "End of Days, Why Not You?"

Set List

our last show was on Halloween. The set list was:

Back and Forth
I'm a Mess When you're Gone
Song For RS
A Simple Man (wishes and daydreams)
I've been 1000 miles
You'll Carry on Real Nice
I've Believed
Once the Wrongs

and we played a devo cover song "Uncontrollable Urge"

we normally play 45 to hour sets. its tons of fun and energetic. I'm always sweating and dying after our shows.