Bloomington, Indiana, USA

deadghost. is a four piece folk/soul band that infuses and draws from the styles of Soul, Funk, Indie, and even jazz. Justin Renner and Crescent UImer bring an interesting yet complimenting songwriting and vocal style. a beautiful mix of math-y drums, soulful vocals, and groovy dance-y bass lines.


A four piece dance band that brings meaningfulness back to pop music. Rather than just a group of musicians it's more of a family that hopes to travel and share and relate the all too common themes of life and struggle, all the while encouraging you to dance and live it up while you have the life.

Members: Crescent Ulmer, Justin Renner, Jeff Donohoe, Ian Lucas


2011 demo, a two song demo of our early work

Set List

Prayer Child
Sadie Hawkins Last Dance
Saturday Night Fever
Don't Go