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Dead Girls Corp.

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This band has not uploaded any videos




Dead Girls Corp. is on the forefront of the electronic rock genre. Put NIN, Orgy, and Zombie in a blender and you might begin to catch on. But along with it's original musical style it punches you out with an energetic live performance that will leave you gasping for air.

If you're thinking this is a girl group.. think again! DGC is a Los Angeles California hard electronic goth-pop nu-metal band. Founded by Todd Allen. Before Todd gave birth to DGC he played in bands such as to name a few: Drown, Kraftwerk, Penny Dreadfuls, Orgy and Coal Chamber.

His own original style is moody pop. He has combined the catchy 80s synth with a driving force nu-mental that's hitting everywhere and kickin' arse where ever it lands. The band's bio quotes "they have three cds. The first one being of all early demos. The second one was recorded by Producer/Engineer John X who credits include Michael Hutchence, Marilyn Manson, Garbage, and Rolling Stones. The cd features collaborations with Jay Gordon, Paige Haley of Orgy, Meegs of Coal Chambers, ect. The third cd was produced and recorded by DeadZone." There's a load of their cds on the site. I randomly picked a few to judge.. which included:


"You made the sacrifice but you're not alone..." Quoted as they enlisted the help of Orgy, Rob Zombie, and others. This track incorporates driving tribal drums combined with heavy guitars and scary keyboards with a dark catchy vocals.. sure to please, yes indeed, it did please me.


Awwww!! Blew my mind to tiny pieces; awesome.. truly awesome. With heavy sick tribal drums, scary beats, keys and guitars and a plus.. I love to hear airy vocals and there's plenty of it in this song.


"I bring you in, you spit me out" the only thing to say about this song. Dope guitars, heavy drums and chucky air vocals. Ultimate favourite of mine.


Three minutes and ten seconds of turned upside down drums and bass mixed with echoing- haunting vocals.. One would think, it's totally out there and they would probably be right... BUT! this a great style to have, it works. Some would have to take some time to get use to it but, it is worth the time.

"Great songs,great hooks,all around great album."

Got a Sample cd from a band member at a show threw it in the car and it rocked could'nt wait to get the album. Great songs, great hooks, great lyrics. Can,t wait to see the live show!!!!


"Dead Girls Corp. breaks new ground in the electronc/ hard rock genre."

From the first track to the last this album keeps you on the edge of your seat. In a music scene where you have bands trying to fit into a genre Dead Girls Corp. leaves those wanna-be's in their dust. This band must be listened to by the masses. Why? Because it will redefine the current market place. This album defies the genre laden market. It kicks, punches and gouges the eyes of all the rules meant to suppress individuality in music. If you want to hear something new, something raw, something real, and above all, something good, then this CD should be in your collection - JOHNNY UTAH

"this album will destroy the music industry !!!"

masterpiece! it defies the music industry's monopoly-nazi reign of the young, dumb and mundane. i like dasies is, no lie, a must buy, must have, must play everyday ggggreat album. real music. real musicians. real anger. real inspiration. real talent. real good. real bigger-than-jesus-sex-&-drugs....rock. and i say to dcg, you get a hell (mutha-f*ing) yeah! amen



"i like daisies" Full length cd available @ towerrecords,itunes,music rapsody,cd baby,napster, and several more online spaces. also on several radio stations playlists.The remix cd "stompin the daisies"is out and online@cdbaby,itunes ect.
"The Wicked Dont Sleep" Full length cd with tracks co Produced and mixed by Tim Skold(MM) and Jay Gorden (Orgy) will be available late 2007 and is now online for preveiw.
tracks now online and streaming on stations



In Hollywood, Ca, a dark alleyway forbodes, connecting Studio 56 and the Record Plant. Music legends of today and yesterday from Elvis, Marilyn and Mel Torme holed themselves into these studios, all of them making records in the same one hundred yard radius. And, like many stories of legend, the lost replaced the heroes, the junkies replaced the giants, and Satan replaced Sinatra. In the middle, another entryway leads to Dead Zone Sound Design."Don't get in the path" exclaims the bands fearless leader and brainchild of Dead Girls , Toddy T. "We take no prisoners and we take no shit". Anyone standing in the room with him for more than 10 minutes can immediately sense that he means every word he says. With an explosive style and seething tenacious work ethic, Toddy T has collaborated with the likes of members of manson, Orgy, and Rob Zombie, as well as produced Dead Girls full length debut entitled "I Like Daisies", at Dead Zone. Imagine Depeche Mode with a beat box through a distortion pedal , playing ultra pop at a Satanic disco. Kerri X burns a hypnotic guitar straight into the psyche. Bruce churns the vulgarity within the soul on his bass. Then Ben hammers the earth lke a sledge , forcing trauma to the body. And all of this abrasion is honed and torqued by the pop-evil song crafting of Toddy T..With the old millenium come and gone, the real Apocalyptic party is ready to begin....

"i like daisies" features performances by: POGO (Marilyn Manson), BLASKO(Rob Zombie), Mick Murphy(My Ruin), JAY GORDEN(orgy)