Dead Helix

Dead Helix


Dead Helix is like taking a bunch of rock genres and throwing it in a blender. We all have different backgrounds of music and it shows. As for our live show: we have lots of energy and like to see the kids dance.


The cross of melodic passages juxtaposed with moments of sheer brutality. For those who appreciate the vain of hardcore that calls the names of such bands as The Bled, Hopesfall and Killswitch Engage, with so much more depth and drive. Twin guitar harmonies carry the sheer emotion that can come from the band. Dead Helix is the mixture of everything that is right in hardcore, without everything you don't want.


Bob Vila Hates Breakdowns

Written By: Dead Helix

Confined, this is where I'm lost. Where I wait, this is where I'm found 100 years from now. I'm tired and hungry. I'm cold. What if I call you, girl? I'd say "Hey you, girl, come keep me warm." I've been down here for years, take me home. Wherever home is, teach me to live. Unprimitive. The sacred water from the fountain of death. I drink upside down to reverse it's effect.

Bathtubs Make Decent Graves

Written By: Dead Helix

Your eyes are everywhere. You've been gone for seven days too long and what they say is true. You don't realize how much you miss someone until they're not close to you. Eighteen hundred miles away is eighteen hundred miles to far. Your eyes are everywhere.

Heartbreak and the Fallen

Written By: Dead Helix

I was jealous for so long, Every man that came along, I wanted to be him. Now you tell me you loved me since we met, but you want me to forget. I am not that strong. It's like I have powers unlike the rest. Follow the leader until he falls. I am down on the ground, well atleast you're smiling. I silently broke down. Just to keep you smiling, but it would kill me to say... Walk away, keep going. Away. Walk away, keep going. And today will be marked a day to forget. Although the happenings on this day bare forgetting. To erase five years? To tell me you love me and to tell me you love me with all of your heart. Explain to me how I led myself on. I was there for you, I am still here for you. Although it won't be the same. You made it feel like I had the weight of the world in my hands. I am not strong enough to hold the weight of the world. Today shall forever tell tales of heartbreak and the fallen.


EP - Don't dig up the past, it's buried for a reason.

Compilations - Anthems for Treachorous Times, Vol. 1 (local hard rock band compilation out on Shadowdweller Records)

Set List

Our typical set is 20 to 30 minutes long. We can play up to 45 minutes.

These are all the songs we have currently.
-Dead By Nine O'Clock
-Bob Vila Hates Breakdowns
-Contempted Perfect
-Bathtubs Make Decent Graves
-Don't Worry, We'll Sell Your Kidneys on the Black Market
-Payback's an Itch and I Can't Wait to Scratch It
-Heartbreak and the Fallen

We refuse to do covers, the originator is the best way to hear a song.